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Y’all like tennis!? Tomorrow is the last day to catch me and Noah Pollack’s @dissolves_in_water show at @gildargallery 😘 photos by @kristenhatgisink

Fun portraits at @redlinedenver to capture the chaos of my studio. Thx @georgepperez

my reality vs my dreams. papier-mâché surfboard with painted portraits of Anthony Bourdain 😘 #dpmc photo by @sarahkrantz repost surf vid @frankieharrer

Starting to pack and reflecting on all the artwork made and experiences I’ve had at @redlinedenver the past two years. Grateful to add my name to this list of amazing artists who have worked out of this studio. I’m getting rid of everything, DM me if you’re interested in acquiring a piece for a killer deal! Also mark your calendars for an entire RL sale Aug 25th 1-4pm. Thank you @redlinedenver 🙏🙏🙏

Save the date: August 20th. In two weeks, come check out Noah Pollack @dissolves_in_water and my show at @gildargallery then we head to the courts for a lil tennis and art talk 🤪😎🎾🎾🎾 photos by @kristenhatgisink

Got a house in Philly 🙏🤙🤗

Selection of “Clay Surfers” currently at @gildargallery 🤙 Lovely photos by @kristenhatgisink 💕

Some new trophies currently at Gildar Gallery. Photos courtesy of @gildargallery and @kristenhatgisink earthenware, glaze, cast bronze, cnc-ed hammered and patinaed brass

Finally got into and broke out of one of my pots. Thanks @juiceboxdenver 🤪

Check out @gildargallery and thx for a lovely opening! See y’all on the court 🏆🥇🎾💪

Metal girl. Big thanks to my bronze savior @vvarner_don_ 🙏

Accoutrements, installing at @gildargallery 😍