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Stephanie Kantor  artist and importer

Thanks to all who made it out to @juiceboxdenver Friday. A Harder Soft is open until July 21st. 🤪

TONIGHT @juiceboxdenver 7-10pm come see me and my friends’ art 🤪

Very into pink foam and papier-mâché rn, @juiceboxdenver opening Friday night 7-10pm!

You can now eat off my dishes at @bardoughden thanks @maxmackissock 😎

Next year I’m gonna pick and press all these flowers 🌸 💐 🌺

The new, way less translucent, terra-cotta crystalabras. Photos by @adammilliron 😘

Today Zucchini turns 9. What I thought was 36 in cat years turns out to actually be 52! Oh my, here I was thinking we were living our best lives in our ‘thirties’. Here are some cute pics of him as a kitten 😻 HBD Zucchini!

Photos by @adammilliron ✨⭐️💫

Sexy trophies by me, magical photos by @adammilliron ✨🌟⭐️💫 hand built terra cotta, glaze, cast bronze, papa Kantor’s plaques

Currently working in the dark 😎

My time in Pittsburgh is just about up 😫 come say goodbye tomorrow at our closing potluck 6:30-8:30pm or final gallery hours Saturday 12-4pm 📸: @jessierommelt @bunkerprojects

Come check out my lil tennis dudes and posters @bunkerprojects NCECA OPENING TONIGHT 5-9pm