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Happy Birthday to my lil gorgeous baby brother. You are my best friend, my confidant, my back, my joker, my voice of reason as well as the little devil on my shoulder, my favorite travel companion, my favorite workout buddy, the person I can go out with all night to party but wake up with and green juice, the one who keeps me up to speed with technology and conspiracy theories, listens to all my old school hip hop playlists and will always give me the last bite of your food. I love having you in my life so don't ever go anywhere too far and I'm sorry for constantly getting you in trouble because I wanted you to keep me company while I was grounded when we were little. Oh and for telling you that mom found you in a trash can and you were adopted off the homeless. I love you more than bacon... @imbrentjames ❤️❤️❤️have a great birthday and sorry for the gay music but I made this video on my phone this morning. (The loungie pool shot was because I made you take twenty pics until I liked one and you got annoyed with me lol)

Vizcaya stunning coral stone ship folie that was used back in the day for cocktail parties..definitely born in the wrong era... Great Gatsby #miami #Vizcaya #coralstone @bj_the_mak 🥂

Beautiful Vizcaya @bj_the_mak getting home ideas 👀 #interiordesign #miami #vizcaya

Damn its not No. 8? 👽 Then it is Tacos. ☹️

TTFN Nicaragua 💋 until next time #nicaragua #sliceofheaven

Dinner view with my ❤️...I can't complain #nicaragua #magrock #magnificrock @bj_the_mak @magnificrock deliciousness

Fresh fish crew... going to Mother Nature's Whole Foods grocery store. #spearfishing #fishing #nicaragua #dorado #tuna #sushi #pastoratours what a terrific day

Obsessed with Mexican Lottery (bingo) wallpaper #bingo #mexican #masaya #nicaragua #lotería

Morning coffee and this ❤️ thank you @bj_the_mak

Not a bad afternoon spot for cocktails #nicaragua #redondobay @bj_the_mak 💋

Beautiful day on the water...stunning coast, wonderful friends and fresh caught sushi. Pinch myself @bj_the_mak #nicaragua #sushi #mahimahi #freediving #spearfishing #mylove #startingtofeellikehome

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