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Stephanie Dorrance  🌎Constantly Travelling 📍Miami Based 🌴Hanging Out In Nicaragua 🚪Interior Design Obsessed 📸Love Capturing Pictures 👉🏻 follow @myinteriorswishlist

A face to love, right? But look who got into the garage and ate my Xmas wrapping box...honestly

You’re my girl @annazak Art Basel begins with friends...

Be safe in Nigeria my love...I miss you already 😌 pls be home for Christmas🎄

Everyday a shooting occurs in this mess of the second amendment. It’s time to let it go...too many angry dumb f*cks have made us all fear normal everyday activities. Shooting at a hospital...Time to move on and grow up America! Let us not forget the second amendment was written at the same time slavery was legal...enough said

Tomorrow my lil Elsa comes home and the more she grows up the more she looks like this photo of me at 16. It’s amazing how Mother Nature can copy us but also make a better version at the same time. I’m so proud of my cool, highly intellectual, liberal kids who see the world with such a better perspective than most. They are our future. #fbf FYI I would put up her pic but she won’t let me. ❤️

I wish it was photo altered but it’s not...Nicaragua #bliss #nicaragua

Wait is this a bathroom photo?...#captainobvious 📸 @magentaphotoshighkicks

Swimming with my friend @highkickermagenta 📸 @magentaphotoshighkicks

Lil Kojak...this little guy was a rescue. Found tied up outside the shelter left one night. He’s very sweet and loving. Happy to have a home full of love now. He’s hit the dog lottery! 🐾

It’s about the little things sometimes 🌿

Exhale... #Canada 🇨🇦

Hi Canada I’ve missed you 🇨🇦 💋🇨🇦💋

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