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Found ourselves a little slice of heaven situated at the base of the Tetons here in Wyoming ✨ @anvilhotel #roadtrip

Anyone else’s “I feel so much” bear a striking resemblance to their, “I hate everything” face...? In this case: the former. Idaho, you floored us. On to Wyoming! #sunvalley #ketchum #roadtrip

If anyone needs us, we’ll be over here drinking all of the rosé at @hotelketchum after our 5 mile hike today. ...5 miles is a LOT for those of us not in hiking shape guys 🙇🏽‍♀️ Although I admit it was more than worth it and I have fallen very, very hard for aspens. More of our hiking saga in stories. #hotelketchum #startheredoanything

Captions are hard. Especially attempting to caption two years of marriage + moments like this. Rico, I didn’t think I could love you more than I did in this very moment - on a boat sipping Prosecco somewhere in the middle of Lake Como on our honeymoon - yet somehow I seem to have fallen more in love with you every day since. Happy anniversary, Rico James. You are my heart. #rudytorusso

Sunny and 75 one minute, torrential downpour with a side of lightning the next. You’re crazy, Idaho! CRAZY! Good thing we can go straight from beers by the pool to books by the fire at @hotelketchum. #hotelketchum #startheredoanything

Checked into @hotelketchum yesterday and have had a hard time putting my camera down ever since. I’m all for the hotel that brings together locals and tourists alike for happy hour, keeps the pool heated at 90 degrees, has a shuffleboard AND @equatorcoffees at all times of day. Getting 9 hours of perfect sleep didn’t hurt, either. #hotelketchum #startheredoanything

Today’s happy-hour-at-home brought to you by gin and grapefruit + basil from the yard. ...I say this like it’s totally normal when in actuality it’s taken me three years to successfully grow a sprig of basil. Shoutout to @urbanfarmstead and @dailyflourish for teaching me to TRIM the basal for best results. I could start a pesto factory over here and I’m not mad about it.

There are a lot of special moments that take place on a wedding day, but that post-ceremony bliss just might be my favorite. #weddingseason #livethelittlethings

Possibly my favorite image from our recent travels in Paris. I fell in love with this facade while we were staying in St Germain and came back to this very spot every morning hoping to snap “the perfect” photo. I almost didn’t make the short trek on this particular morning given the downpour + frigid temps, but figured five minutes in weather wouldn’t kill me. Around minute 4, I was damp + ready to call it. I looked up to find this man in a solid navy kimono carrying a solid navy umbrella walking by and almost forgot to take the photo I was so enamored by the grace with which he moved. Everything about this moment says Paris to me and it might be the first photo I actually print and frame in our home. #travelerinparis #morningslikethese #mydomainetravels

Attn: PORTUGAL PEOPLE! ...people who have been to Portugal. The trip @kristyn_ross and I have been manifesting for the last, oh, 4 years is happening next month. If you’ve been to Lisbon and/or Porto...we’d love your recommendations!!! So far our itinerary consists of: drink port, ride in a tuktuk. Not necessarily in that order. So, anything you’ve got beyond this would be 👌🏽 #portugal #krephgoesinternational

Someday I’ll opt for a weekday outfit that doesn’t consist of jeans and a white shirt buuuut until then 🙇🏽‍♀️ #liveinit #uniform

This morning, he woke up at 3:55 a.m. to ensure he had ample time to drink his cup of coffee before embarking on his first century ride; 100 miles on the bike. I asked him last night whether he was nervous to which he replied, “Not really, if I make it 65, then I make it 65.” I’m constantly in awe of this human who sees every challenge as opportunity and every opportunity as a precious gift. No one inspires me to live big + love hard more than you, @ric0russ0. Good luck out there, I am SO STINKIN proud of you!

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