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Steph  oops

it’s been like over a year since i’ve drawn anything... but here is the beautiful and talented @sokothecat - i think we can all agree that i don’t know how to draw white hair so let’s just ignore that shall we 😂 (ALSO her songs are really amazing i recommend) #soko #drawing

i be doin a sing song. idk why it goes black at the end this is hard #cover #shilohdynasty

‘a primitive ceremonial experience intended to liberate the human subconscious and reveal man to himself’ #soundslikemycupoftea

gimme that loot

say cheese! (what my ID photo currently looks like)

Talk about last minute 🚁

A goodnight gift for you all. She a cutie 🐾 (ft my stylish sock)

Welcome to the Jungle 🕸

Kayaking adventures with a pretty good haul. Found a couch, rugby ball, some sort of satanic circle of pointy sticks, a couple bottles with an unrecognisable label, some chairs and two creepy old boats. Success??@angelablack15 I think yes.

CAS or no CAS, these people are still pretty cool ✌🏻

Camp Pup


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