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Stephanie Youssef  Feminist, journalist, student, flexitarian, goal digger and poor decision maker. Never lose your sense of wonder.

This weekend was both World Earth Day and World Book Day, two of my favourite days on the calendar. It's also been three years since I went vegetarian. It's safe to say I spent this weekend doing the things I love most in the world: reading in the grass, smelling flowers, and eating smashed avo on toast. The simple things in life are the most rewarding.

Laura Mvula / Metro Theatre, Sydney / April 12, 2017

We danced, we sang, we felt things

The weirdest face mask purchase award goes to this cucumber slice one that I didn't think would actually be shaped in individual cucumber slices. (Despite the packaging labelling it as so.)

Possibly the sparkliest manicure I've ever had done by Alex, 4, who, more than anything tonight, wants to be a nail painter when she grows up. I respect that.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, you have the right to access clean and safe drinking water. The fact that over 650 million people around the globe don't is absolutely reprehensible. #w4water @drop4drop

My sister participated in the #WorldsGreatestShave tonight, and I'm so incredibly proud of her. If you can, please help her reach her goal by donating even just the cost of a cup of coffee. It would be greatly appreciated and goes towards a great cause. Link in bio.

They won't be the same again, but things heal. Everything heals. Just a reminder for anyone who needs this right now: you'll be okay. #regram @activistorsmh

Saturday evening walks. To @adele because Adele, and because you're having post-concert withdrawals.

Flu, tissues and wishing I was back on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

A photo exhibition by photographer Celine Guiout of First Nations women taken at Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota is on display on the Opera House Boardwalk in celebration of #allaboutwomen and International Women's Day. All our stories need to be told and heard; they make up our collective story. #herstory

I've always had a troubling relationship with my fat, and using the f word. #Shrill helped me embrace the word 'fat'. I'm fat and fucking fabulous. I'm fat and fucking fabulous. I'm fat and fucking fabulous.

Thank you for writing an important and much-needed book, @thelindywest. Thank you for living publicly and unapologetically. I now feel a little less lonely in the world. #allaboutwomen

Give us the minion, they begged. We'll keep it safe, they said.

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