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STEPH PACCA⚡️  Australia🌞 Personal Trainer Womens Best 💕 ⤵️Get my HIIT program⤵️


A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there
✨✨✨👊🏽 @batari_swim

Walk confidently, and keep your head up ✨ because the only place we’re lookin’ is forward ↗️ Pants from @tigermist

One day she discovered that she was strong and fierce, and full of fire. And that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears 🔥
Shot by @quby
Bikini - @islandboheme
Top - @tigermist
MUA - @kissnmakeupsydney

The only time I’ll be lookin’ back this year is to check the gains 👀


My current shape 👆🏽 This is just a little self reminder that it’s okay not to be in your best shape 100% of the time. As mentioned in my previous posts I had been struggling with hormonal imbalance for over 4 months, there are so many factors that take part in the side effects of fluctuating hormones and there are so many different ways to control these too. It’s also the holidays and I didn’t restrict my diet because life is here to be enjoyed to the fullest. Your mental state/chronic stress can increase your hormone production and cortisol levels. It can be so hard to bring these back to a normal level. November 20th i Injured my lower back and I struggled with this for 5 weeks (spasms and chronic pain & fatigue). What all this did to my mental state was discourage me to train and eat well because I felt like I couldn’t see any results. Not being able to do normal exercise was so disheartening for me! But I talked myself into believing every day this was only temporary, I may have gained a few kgs if fat and lost a few kgs of muscle, I may not have a flat stomach anymore, toned muscles or any visible definition, but I KNOW i can be in the best shape I want to be if I focus and let my body recover properly. Don’t push through pain and make yourself worse, you need to take the right care and rest, you have plenty of time. LISTEN to your body!!❤️🙏🏻 You are beautiful at all stages of your journey - don’t get discouraged from the set backs! You guys are the best support system I could ask for and I appreciate every single one of you 👆🏽⚡️♥️

Lookin’ forward to 2018 like ->>>😎 Bikini is @batari_swim 🙌🏻

Sun seeker 🌞🌞⚡️ using @bondisands coconut sunscreen oil with SPF all summer long 👀As you get older you realise more and more how important looking after your skin is, keep your skin glowing and be sun smart throughout all the tanning babes ⚡️ #bondisands #protectandtan (Bikini is tagged)

Holiday time is over for me and I am ready to take on this year bigger better & stronger than the last💪🏽 2017 was a tough one for me, moving to another city, being away from my family, & starting a new business venture but I am determined to thrive this year with MORE positivity ❤️ dreams don’t work unless you do, so get to work!!👊🏽

My ideal clothing choice for a 40 degree day shoot with @quby 🤭💦🔥

Bringing 2018 in with a bang💥

Happy New Years Eve ⚡️🌞

Soo ready for the beginning of something new ⚡️⚡️ 2018 can’t come quick enough 🌎💪🏽

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