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People Consultant / Triathlete  Co-Founder @thecorkerco: we believe in heart(beats)! 🇨🇦pro triathlete chasing dreams powered by @b78coaching👊

#theluckiest | “i don’t get many things right the first time, in fact i am told that alot. now i know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls, brought me here. and i know that i am...the luckiest.” 🙏ben folds.//
#runningdownadream #b78coaching #f2c #momentsofcoeurage #smithisperformance

be still my beating heart. you lived the most courageous life Dr. Hawking. 🙏 // regram from the @thecorkerco
#54yearsofimpossible #legend #stephenhawking

#👊| there is indeed no substitute for enthusiasm!// there are few things i’d rather be doing on a saturday morning: long(est) run (of the year!) met with a warm @b78coaching jacket + @f2cnutrition — to fuel cheering very special people at the UBC triathlon. this amazing grassroots race started it all for me; i will neverever tire of cheering my heart out. because: start lines baby, START! LINES!// .
#b78coaching #artofthestart #heartbeats #teamcorker #f2cnutrition #hardcoeur #momentsofcoeurage

my lil spirit animal! 🤣

#🙏| a very special person, otherwise perfect stranger named @ocanadaartstudio, sent me a note that he had painted my portrait. and then this arrived at the office today! #randomactsofawesomeness blow me away!// what makes this photo very special is that i’m treading water at the start of what would eventually be my first amateur IM win, chatting with coach @jasper_blake, while it was pouring rain! i almost gave up that day with a mechanical; i’ve promised myself to never ever give up since then.
#b78coaching #bebrave #momentsofcoeurage

#podcast | totally honoured to join the legends of rad women like @belindagranger, @haleychura23 + @alyssagodesky with the gals over at @gritanddirt. 🙏 this was an honest conversation that could have gone on much longer! link ☝️// i think my podcasting quota has been reached; it’s time i get myself on a start line. but first...some deep training blocks. #patiencegrasshopper #nomoretalk #onlywalk #butreallyRUNRUNRUN!

stronger than yesterday. 🙏

#gettingdirty | two weekends in a row that i’ve come home covered in mud post-ride. today, i was really proud of myself for leaving the house in the rain + always stoked to eat road spray from McBride + co. // vintage @smithoptics keeping me safe 😎; ready for summer @coeursports outfits 👗!// #momentsofcoeurage #vancouverisawesome #goalsarenotweatherdependent #butmyoutfitsare💁🏻 #b78coaching #f2cnutrition

#PNB | a “pretty not bad” day, says @liam.r.todd. // our “first annual Liam + Steph run”. // i’ve got twice the wrinkles + double the smile of this guy; i’d chase him any day. 👊
#b78coaching #bluebird #vancouverisawesome

🙏 @patagonia! may we never be lazy or quiet, in anything we do. // regram from @thecorkerco because they are posting good stuff 😉
#positivitybias #teamcorker

HOT! DiGGiTY! This morning @turfliving we rocked a sweaty class inspired by @brendanbrazier, for Brendan (‘s birthday!). 🎉// Here’s what I know for sure: I’m so grateful for people who show up (for real!!) - community rules; I’m grateful for organizations who have healthy leaders; I have big dreams as a triathlete and even bigger goals to learn to be an aerobics instructor (🤣) just like my Mama - because: squats baby squats! 🍑// 🙏: @thecorkerco for being there, @vega_team for celebrating on-brand + @turfliving for making it happen. 💦
#maybetherewillbeanexttime 💁🏻

this is barbie! and on this day, on this farm i was inspired to question what i eat, how i value my time (because the work ethic of a farmer is incredible!), what fuels my hearts desires (because passion grows on the grass here!) and the people who i want on my (proverbial) farm.// barbie was a precious eater, a source of heaps of merino projects, a follower of few + a friend to some. she was one of 29,000 🐑.// alas, we are but a drop in the ocean - and moments like these make me want to make my drops really count.
#onechoiceatatime #comparisonkills #sodoeseatinganimals #lovewins

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