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People Consultant / Triathlete  Founder @thecorkerco: we believe in heart(beats)! 🇨🇦pro triathlete chasing dreams powered by @b78coaching👊

#UNCORKED | listen!up! another incredible human ft. @jessiehutton. thank you for sharing your story + your real lived life experiences, especially with tools like me. i’m grateful for your patience with my ignorance + your big love! 🖤 // link ☝️
#teamcorker #goalsmatter #peoplemattermost

so i found these 💛golden💛 chanterelles. // in this wee fall season break from IM i’ve also found:
+ a new relationship with vegetables 🌱 + a few more hours of sleep 💤 + a therapist, because 🧠 health is real, yo
+ some #basic hobbies like kettle bells 💪, chunky knitting needles and a whole lotta cookie dough💁🏻‍♀️
+ endurance-cheering-capacity! 📣
+ and that lil spark that has yet to burn out that says: i’ll see you back on a start line soon! 👊
#lessonsfromtheforest #keepforaging

#🍄 | today i learned that where you find bleeding tooth, you will find chanterelles. 💁🏻‍♀️ i also learned that there are lots of pretty mushrooms in the forest that you can’t eat! 🤷🏻‍♀️
#mushroomhunter #fromforesttotable #butionlyfound3! 🤦🏻‍♀️

#🍄hunting | you only catch your first (white) chanterelle once; i was very excited! 😝// we also hunted some new 🍄 friends🤗. thank goodness to @hwy99_mushrooms for keeping us safe.
#fungi_fan_club #funguyismyguy #😍

#wam110 | witnessed my first ultra aid station experience today (😳!) with this rad dude! scotty is the greatest support of all time + arguably one of the most crazy humans i know. 😝confirmed: ultra running is indeed next-level-incredible! // outtakes in stories☝️// (PS - @rachelmcb, whenever you decide to retire from IM, we’ve got you! soup in the rain + lube on your toes👊) #crazyAF #makesironmanlookeasy🤦🏻‍♀️

#thegreatesthugof2018 | i hope everyone spends their days running thru life with a smile like @kipchogeeliud + has their own Patrick Sang to meet them at (proverbial) finish lines along the way. ❤️// #doitforthelove #justkeeprunning #115lbsofpurejoy😝

#bearseason | the grizzly 🐻s are out in whistler + the 🐻-with-it-🌧 has come to vancouver! (📷: @kylearchibald, the real muscle man!)

#tbt grouse grind circa 2014// #UNCORKED is live - another podcast with another remarkable human, @chipwilsonofficial.// i love his love of the grouse grind; i adore his obsession with goals (+ willingness to change them!); i wish everyone ended every conversation with “love + kisses”. (because: love always wins!❤️)// ...and everything else he says is pure gold. enjoy!
#teamcorker #goalsmatter #peoplemattermost

#(wo)mancrushmonday | because at 85yrs young, the #notoriousrbg is still lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️ + fighting the good fight for equality. 👑🙏👑//
#enduranceleadership #nowomanleftbehind #noONEleftbehind #ruthbaderginsburg #teamcorker

#1200cookieslater| dear @rbcgranfondo 🚴‍♀️x🚴🏻‍♂️: thank you to everyone who took a cookie! you made my day! 🤗 (and i can’t believe we ran out! 🤦🏻‍♀️)// i think start lines take guts and my second fav place to be is cheering for you! 👊// #regram from the always lovely @vivmccormick 🙏
#teamcorker #newannualtradition🤔 #somanycookies!!

#corkerscookies | officially seriously baked out! @rbcgranfondo riders, we’ve got coooookies for you! // thoughts from the kitchen today: sport can be an incredibly selfish pursuit; it’s worth it. cheering, be it for someone special or lots of strangers is rather selfless yet arguably even more gratifying; it’s SO worth it!// my selfish days of sport were some of the toughest this year; i was always so grateful for your cheers. i’m rollin’ thru this offseason with more cowbell + cookies than ever before...and then i’m comin’ back some kinda stronger!//
#onyourRIGHT #cookiecorner #1200🍪s! #rbcgranfondo #teamcorker #yourbiggestfan

#whattheheck! the forecast for the @rbcgranfondo on saturday is seriously wet💦// the last time i rode that route was also seriously wet — and to mitigate terrible photos like this one — #TeamCorker has begun cookie production! see all you crazy cats at km100 for a sweet treat to take you home.
#QOMcookies #takethatphil😝 #🍪🍪🍪 #bringraingear #alotofraingear!

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