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Purim continuum!
Chag Purim sameach!

That's the second year we celebrate some of the Jewish holidays alone with my beloved wife and away from her loud and wonderful family.
I miss these family feasts with a lot of laughter and friendly banter. But my hamentaschen are even better this time then they were last year! :)

Well, when it's about pancakes, I'm all in.

Looks like Russians bought out all the European roses this week.
Wednesday is market day in Leiden. One of my favorite routines is to buy vegetables and fruits on the street market. I know the sellers, and they know me. Besides the food I usually get some flowers.
This week the flower seller greeted me in a new way: "I remember that you often buy roses. No chance for that today. The ones I sell for 5 or 6 euro per bunch were sold for 12 at auction, because Russians buy almost all of them these days"

Not that I was planning on buying roses today. Still, fun.

True love

After the sunset in Cagnes-sur-Mer

Так приятно встретить в Каннах трудяг-соотечественников, развозящих по окрестным магазинам товары! Испытываю невероятную гордость!

Back to France

Just a random Italian town

What a wonderful day!

Full moon in Leiden

Spring is coming?
Cannot get used to seeing flowers in February. It should be -20/-30 °C now!...

Flying back to the Netherlands from Saint Petersburg. #LED-#AMS #KLM

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