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Sunday night ritual. Just got off work, about to watch GOT S7E1. Please don't interrupt me. 😘 #sundaynightpjs #canyoutellimexcited @emilia_clarke

I read somewhere that the longer you are with someone you develop each others habits. I told Ian to go to the store to pick up dinner. Then I stopped by the store before I got home from work. We both bought the same pair of Red Bull. Found it pretty amusing.

Also. Don't leave me with your stuff. I break them. Sorry in advance. #oaklandathletics

Sweet little Maya enjoying the game with me. #oaklandathletics @jillianebryant

My Mother in Laws @sueharryman moped. We got to drive it up and down the street:

My mom. Who is teaching her how to use social media?! I mean, she's hash tagging! #shesgrowingupsofast

Ahh!!! I love dragons. Power Rangers and Game of Thrones two of my favorite things mashed into one. #bestshirtever #gameofthrones #greenranger

Seriously. This place trumps Quickly. Service is consistent. People are nice. Owners are awesome! Ordered popcorn chicken and I got a complimentary refill from the owner while I waited. And then best part is they have non dairy options... Quickly (at least the one in Concord) doesn't offer that option anymore. #bobodrinksfairfield #imahappygirl #yummyinmytummy #takethatquickly

Mom: Look! Show Ian so he thinks I'm more brilliant! I can be the next decorator.
Me: I think you paid someone to make that.
Mom: 😤No. I did that.
Dad: She made me help.

The first thing she says when I visit after work. "Want me to make you halo-halo?" "Yes please mommy!" #favoritebunso sorry @enzymesx

I just love him sooo much!

Hello there boys! Mama's back! #oaklandathletics @athletics

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