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Downtown Seattle, from a kayak on the north end of Lake Union.

We went to the Royals game tonight.

My Seattle family, which is also my real family, from last Wednesday when I arrived. Happy to be through the road bumps safe and sound.

My car’s engine went down for good yesterday, halfway between Lincoln and Kansas City. Rich and I are safe in the suburbs, no worse for the wear (Thursday’s skating injury notwithstanding) and, for all the trouble, in pretty good spirits thanks to friends and family. This trip just got a little more interesting.

Someone in the ski bar snapped this Christmas 2017. Had a whole story typed out, but just look at all of us. Happy Mother’s Day.

Cheers to the Sandhills.

Got out of town for a quick 20 and a good sunset.

I only look like this thanks to photog @andyxmorr and editor @lauren_farris but damn.

I don’t much like living without him. Even four weeks feels like eternity. But despite my unreasonable worry and save for a little of his own stress, he’s the same cute, chubby, obnoxious and sweet little dude. I’m happy to have friends – in this case, TJ – good enough to care about him too. [this post brought to you by My Big Emotions]

Station looks good with a coat of snow on it. Someone lodged a complaint against the show last night but hey, that means people are listening. A good broadcast was worth the trouble.
KZUM, Jan. 22, 2018.

Family Mountain-Sports Christmas: Part Two.

Family Mountain-Sports Christmas: Day One. Snowed hard and no one broke anything.

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