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Stellarum Pluvia  Sandy-Ego I'll be back in a sec...

Just hangin' out


I Better Run for Cover! For, the sun is peeking out.
Another roasting day in Forno Caliente


Vintage, good condition wood veneer Casstte cases. A 6-drawer double-decker. Others, standard 3-drawer cases.
Keep your treasures organized and free of dust!🀘 #kurtzstreetvintagemarketplace #vintagemediamusic #cassettecases

Gorgeous morning! 🌏🌎🌍Too bad it's going to get really hot today

#walkingforhealth #keeponmoving

I just can't get over how much I like this salad
It consists of tomatoes cucumbers red onions avocados lemon or lime juice, olive oil some black pepper sea salt or Himalayan salt. Sprinkled with hemp hearts. either sea salt or Himalayan salt
That was dinner earlier today

#freshsalads #hemp #hemphearts

Just sitting here working

#atwork #acon #chillin

No, it is not green beer.
Just a cilantro and celery strained juice. Just a little bit of cleansing. πŸ€β˜
The green beer will be another day

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