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🌿 S T E L L A R S L I M E 💫  pfp by logogenie safe space ♡ ✉ email for business inquiries ★ SOLD OUT! thank you ❣️


you can only choose one: revert to the old snapchat, or change instagram back to chronological order?

another weird layered iceberg thing ib @slimestrawberries !! i really like these, i’m going to try and make a few more soon :-) hope you all have a great sunday!

if you have to lose one of your five senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell), which one would you choose & why?

clay noodles inspired by @slimeinternet ! i just finished taking a practice ACT test and my brain is fried right now 😓 hope you all have a great saturday, love you guys! ❣️

if you plan on attending one, what’s your dream college/university? 🏫

iceberg inspired by @slimestrawberries !! i should’ve left it out longer :,) anyways, i hope you all have a wonderful friday! 💕

you’re currently in a zombie apocalypse, and the object to your left is your only weapon! what is it?

hope you all are having a good day! sorry the audio in this is kind of weird in the beginning, i think it’s because it’s sped up? haha

dr. peppurr from @slimeowy
soda, coffee, or tea? ☕️🍵🍾

the thumbnail looks like a meatloaf hahaha :,) this is one of the slimes from my trade with @slimeowy !! it smells exactly like dr. pepper, & i love all of her cat inspired slimes so much!!! (sorry for the background noise in the beginning)

what’s a place that you really want to visit/travel to someday?

enjoy this video that i filmed a long time ago!! the sizzles are really nice, be sure to turn up the sound ;) hope you al have a good tuesday!

strawbb lemonade pearls 🍸🍓
who do you think should run for president in 2020? haha

pearls are from @sweetslimeynation !! happy president’s day! i’m very glad for the extra day off from school

flower power 🌼🌷
do you play any instruments? if so, which ones?

the sizzles in this video are so nice!! i made it with daiso wood clay like 8 months ago and i’m surprised it’s still in really good condition haha

what’s your favorite place to get pizza from? 🍕🍕

some jelly cube mixin for ya (-: hope you all are having a great weekend! ☺️

what’s your chinese zodiac sign?
happy lunar new year !! 新年快乐!

it’s the year of the dog 🐕! may you all have luck & prosperity :) hope you enjoy this slime pressing, sorry the editing is a bit choppy :,) also, everyone’s orders just went out this morning! thank you ❤️

comment your birthday and see if you can find a birthday twin!!

THANK YOU all so much for purchasing from my restock last night!! i’m sorry a lot of people weren’t able to grab bee mine & mango tango. hopefully i can stock more next time. i love & appreciate you all!! ❤️❤️❤️ i’m packaging everything up today, orders will be going out tomorrow :-)

comment your favorite pickup line ;)

a little bit over an hour till my restock @ 6pm pst!! cutie pie is blueberry pie scented and it’s sooo glossy. i’m probably going to keep one for myself 😏

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