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🌿 S T E L L A R S L I M E 💫  pfp by @logogenie safe space ♡ ✉ email for business inquiries ★ next restock: 7/5 @ 6pm pst❣️

what’s a username you wish you had? i want @jazzy hehe

glossy dyeing! i’ve filmed 15+ videos today since i’m going to china next week, so i’ll be posting daily!! hope y’all have a whopping wednesday ;)

the color of your shirt + the last thing you ate + you’re favorite number = your new instagram username! i’m bluestrawberry8 :D

ok so this random clay i found did not dissolve/break at all when i mixed it in slime lolol i tried,,
hope you all have a topsy tuesday ;)

try to get my dog’s name! if you get it right i’ll give you a shoutout haha (there’s a pic of him on my story)

floam crunch :-) i’m currently having a harry potter movie marathon hehe anyways hope you all have a mystifying monday ;)

multiply all the digits of the time —that’s how many kids you’ll have! i’m having 8 oof

yogurt slime! don’t have much to say today so i hope you all have a spiral sunday ;)

comment your phone’s passcode down below & see if you’re passcode twins with anybody HAHA mine’s 5555

(thumbnail ib @slimeyoda!!)
these two AMAZING slimes are from @slimeaxis and they’re so thick, creamy, fluFFY, and stretchy. the first one is cotton candy fudge (a great couch slime) & the second is strawberry cheesecake (bubble pops galore). the best thing abt them is that they’re 100% borax free (no boric acid at all) so they’re great for people with allergies, but they also can be activated with borax
i highly recommend checking out her slimes!! i’ll also have more videos of the other ones she sent in the upcoming week ;-)
hope y’all have a safari saturday idk anymore

solve this: 120 + 30 x 10 lolol

apple jelly from @pugsloveslime!! it smells so good and i’m obsessed w the texture 😩 anyways, today is my last day of counselor-ing so i’ll finally be able to film with normal lighting + better videos! hope you all have a flawless friday ;)

what time did you wake up this morning ?? like six for me rip

mango gloss from my trade w @pugsloveslime!! so thick & iconic and i love mango scents :-))
hope you all have a ticklish thursday ;)

describe how you’re feeling using emojis, but you can’t use any face emojis

hopefully my glue arrives today, i want to film more videos hehe
hope you all have a wonton wednesday ;)

comment: “(your name) is a big ____” & use predictive to finish the sentence! jazzy is a big one for me omg omg

sorry about the bad lighting :( here’s another prewritten caption haha i hope you all have a trapezoid tuesday ;)

replace all the vowels in your username with “ugh” — hi, i’m stughllugherslughmugh

i’m camp counselor-ing this week so you’ll be lookin at pre-written captain 😅 hopefully i’ll be able to film some videos in the morning so i don’t run out! hope you all have a macho monday ;)

comment something that you have a huge fear of and find your phobia twins!! LOL i’m terribly afraid of bugs—even butterflies and ladybugs haha

speaking of bugs, i found a huge dead one in my slime room yesterday and had a freakout lolol and it took me a good ten minutes to walk back into the room this morning
sorry this video is a lil messy ;0 hope you all have a superb sunday ;)

type “shoutout to @“ and click the first username that pops up HAHA shoutout to @fruitydw

woah listen to that initial crunch omg,, your orders are going out today, and you can track the package via usps if you’d like! hope you all have a scrumptious saturday ;)

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