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you guys i’m breaking out HARD right now (don’t fight me on my idea of breaking out because that term is subjective and to me, this is bad & there’s a whole other side of my face you can’t see) and i’ve been feeling really shitty about it but then I remembered that it’s OK to not feel 100% all the time because no one ever does OR CAN so I might as well just breathe through the discomfort and let it heal and pass because all things do. * and also still feel myself in selfies to the best of my ability despite the party crashers on my face.
Don’t let Instagram feed you a false sense of reality. I read these comments of people saying that i’m “flawless” and I “don’t have a bad side” BUT that’s EXACTLY WHAT I WANT YOU TO THINK because that’s WHAT I WANT TO THINK about MYSELF! it’s not true and though it’s nice to hear, that can breed envy and insecurities to those who already question their own confidence and beauty. REMEMBER filters and Facetune and ANGLES and LIGHTING can capture a certain type of beauty, but VULNERBILITY and honesty in hopes of growing a sense of commUNITY and support is a waaaay more sensible and ravishing beauty we should all strive to have. So cheers to all of what I just said hopefully making sense & letting my run on and terribly grammatically incorrect sentences be forgiven!

say hello to my good side 👋

happy wednesday ✨

PSA - don’t settle for someone who doesn’t look at you the way I look at ruby 🐶

the desert did me dirty last Coachella by stealing my voice the entire weekend. still smiled through it though🌵

the best work out partner ❤️

i don’t know about you but it felt like a siriusly good day to bring out the harry potter merch 💫⛓

I was feelin myself & the beaauutiful natural light after my facial yesterday so... new year, same old pouty selfiezzz👽🤳 @lejoliespa

so now that’s it’s January again, let’s go back to October?

oh, so romantic

when ruby is the grinch and i’m actually max 🎄

the Aragon to my Arwen ❤️ (so lame) (also more appropriate) 📸: @markhapka

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