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I took this earlier at a casting for a commercial. I didn't want to go; I didn't feel like myself. I was in a mood that I couldn't describe, and I still am. I didn't see the point in attending. I even told my boyfriend that I'm probably not going to get casted anyway. He told me not to have that outlook because I have nothing to lose, and insisted that I went. So, I did. And you know what I realized? We were both right. The odds of getting booked for any modeling job (when you're not a celebrity) are slim to none because there are THOUSANDS of women vying for the same opportunities as you. Still, that shouldn't keep me from trying. Things will go one of two ways: I get rejected (which is what I'm used to in the industry), or I get chosen and collect a nice check. One result makes my bank account do the shmoney dance, the other one doesn't benefit me monetarily, but it causes no harm. There is no downside to trying. There is no downside to laboring. If something is worth having, then you have to be prepared to work your ass off to get it. No matter what field you're in, no matter what your interests are, keep doing everything in your power to make your mark on the path you've chosen. Don't let down days decide your next moves, and don't let mood swings keep you from making them.

I need a rhythm in my day (which includes but is not limited to): prayer, listening to Kanye, kickboxing, reading, brainstorming, looking myself in the mirror and affirming that I am the shit. I recently set specific goals for my body not just because I model, but because I had completely lost my drive to workout, and the discipline found in fitness carries over into other aspects of your life. Through the years, I went from training 6 days a week to sporadically working out. The heavy lifting, agility, and crazy running I was obligated to do for my soccer career didn't appeal to me because I didn't play anymore. I didn't want to be as cut up as I was back then, but I also wasn't happy with my muscle mass depletion. So, recently, I decided to ride a different wave. I joined @ckokickboxingclifton and discovered a new passion; and I'm not exaggerating when I say that because of this, my life has changed and my savage mentality is back. Point is, create a routine. Find your groove each day and set the tone so that you're eager to go after what you want and aren't going through the motions to get it. Your method bears fruit, and your method has to benefit your mind, body, and soul. #CKO #FitFam

I am so blessed to bring in 2018 with one of the greatest gifts 2017 brought me. In a matter of months, this man has seen the ugliest, darkest, scariest, most private parts of me (no pun intended) and never left my side. He embraced them, wanted to get better acquainted with them, and wanted to help heal them. He sought God not only because he needed Him, but because he knows He serves as the head of my life, and that my love for Him runs infinitely deep. So in turn, we grew. We kept God at the center because we want our love for each other to be reflected in His light. We cried together, prayed together, worshipped together (shout out to @dhariusdaniels as well as my new church home @howchurchnj), and persevered through the turmoil of 2017. December in particular was crazy (as allllll hell), but I was fortunate enough to not have felt alone. With a man like you, there's no way I can ever be. I love you so much Jared. I am praying that God continues to cover us and everyone that's connected to us in this new season. Happy New Year ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽ‰โœจ

I see a lot of people talk about how the universe makes things happen and aligns with what your heart desires so long as your energy is on point... I can't relate. Every talent, gift, or attribute I possess, and all of the opportunities I'm given exist because of God. I am not lucky; I don't believe in luck. I am not superstitious, and I don't believe in jinxes. I am BLESSED and HIGHLY favored, and gracefully reap the rewards of trusting the one who created me and continues to mold me. Because of Him, I am a living testament to how beautiful ashes from a wildfire can become. I grow because of God. He is how I prosper. He is how I heal. He is the reason why my circumstantial happiness turned into everlasting joy. The universe didn't give me any of that, and the universe can't take it away.
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At my fave place with my fave people. #HolibaeSeason #Boyfriend #Bestfriend #BrotherInLaw ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿธ

I could obviously continue with a series of videos explaining the above in greater depth, but I will spare your feed and mine. Until I write a blog post about this, what I WILL say is the following: I was molested by a neighbor, I was harmed during sex by someone I used to date (we were no longer involved at the time), I was harassed by an APN that I did not know at #RWJUH, and I was assaulted by a colleague who is a retiree from the entertainment industry.
Women are rarely supported when we actually do come forth with our stories (whether sooner or later). We are bombarded with offensive questions, blamed, shamed, and shunned. Society will go out of its way to fault us (the victim) while the predator is pitied. Then, to top it all off, non-victims love to give their two cents on what victims SHOULD HAVE done during and after their abuse. You can share your thoughts and opinions on how a victim should have handled their abuse, but your words hold zero weight because our battle isn't yours to fight, and our choices aren't yours to make. To be abused is to be dehumanized and to have all of your power taken away (in some cases, repeatedly). Try exercising some compassion or simply refrain from speaking so confidently on something you didn't have to go through.
#MeToo is uttered far too often, while simultaneously not enough. Although this post was focused on female victims, I stand in solidarity with male victims who are also too embarrassed, scared, or ashamed to come forward with their stories. I stand with those who are outwardly triggered, and those who are tormented in silence. Some victims never recover from sexual abuse, but I still pray for healing, restoration, and peace for us all. #HerToo #HimToo

To be confident is to know that there was never a competition to begin with.

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Happy Birthday to my prayer partner, my biggest headache, and my bestest friend. NOBODY has made my heart swell more than you. I hope that I'll make your 25th as memorable and special as you made mine. I also pray that God grants every single desire of your heart in this new season, because you deserve it all. I love you baby! ๐Ÿ’•

Big mood.

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January 1st is approaching, and pretty soon our feeds are going to be flooded with with "New Year, new me" proclamations that end up failing to be fulfilled. I encourage you all to not only speak what you want into existence, but to have your actions show up and give your words some value. It's easy to become befuddled or discouraged when the spirit of comparison is alive and well, but don't let social media or other distractions keep you from connecting the dots on YOUR journey. I personally like to write my plans and goals down so that I can refer back to that list and see all that I've completed. The above was written on September 18, 2016; I became a signed model two months later (shout out to God). Although the New Year is a reminder to conclude 2017 on a positive and productive note, change is a daily choice. So, what are some things you're looking to accomplish tomorrow? Next week? Next year? What are you doing in order to make them happen?

Anxiety is crippling.
People look at you from the outside
and think that because you appear
a certain way, or have certain things,
that you are exempt from experiencing
something like that.
Anxiety has accompanied me for over a
It starves my faith and satiates my fears.
It makes it hard for me to embrace my
blessings, because I often times think
they're too good to be true.
It makes me think the worst about a
situation that hasn't even had the
chance to go wrong yet.
I know that anxiety (for me) is a direct
response to my PTSD.
The trauma may have ceased,
but its effects are ever-present.
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