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Stefanie Histed  Flint -> San Diego. Eating. Learning to cook plant-based. Doing stuff and thangs

Saturday in Tijuana- vegan taco tour! So many donuts, sorbet, rad people, art, marketplace, wine, and gratitude for stretch pants. #holdthemeat #turistalibre #tacosnveggie #latacueriaveggie #veggiesmalls

Made some new friends and went with them to the Valle de Guadalupe for an afternoon of wine tasting. What’s stranger-danger? #HolidayAdventures #valledeguadalupe #winetasting

Well, gees. This was left on my desk the day after our holiday party. Next year when I start bitching about the terribleness of planning such things, remind me to not be such a turd. I forget that people actually appreciate my efforts. #SocializingNerds #SoftwareDudes #JustGivethemBeer #OfficeLife #HolidayParty

I’m prepping tomorrow’s Christmas dinner today, and just had a “woah science” moment while making @minimalistbaker gluten free vegan mac & cheese. It’s basically garlic and almond milk, and her recipe claims that arrowroot starch makes it thick and stringy like melted cheese. I didn’t believe it would work, but hey it’s a holiday miracle! This stuff is delicious, sort of alfredo-y, and the texture is real nice. Also my family will hate it because it’s not electric orange and from a box, so let me know if you want to eat leftovers with me. #veganmagic #holidaydinner #glutenfreemacandcheese #minimalistbaker

Company party time with one of my favorites! We’ve worked together for so long but on different teams, in different parts of different buildings, but now we are a cube wall apart and I overhear her cycle through so many different personalities in a day and all of them are bad ass. Nothing more to say other than ❤️🤷🏻‍♀️🦄🎅🏿💪🏼🙀⚔️🔪

More from last weekend’s Christmukkah- more trees, more dog, more friends. #Happyholidays #holidaycavalcade

Holiday parties are awesome when you meet new friends. My bestie @penny_sweetness got a new sister. Her name is Molly, and she’s a real gift (holiday puns!) #puppylove #holiday2017 #holidaycavalcade

Just another typical Friday night, watching Luche Libre wrestling in Tijuana. As one does. #noideawhatwashappening

I had to put the best picture first even though it was the second shot- clearly we didn’t know the photo booth camera was going to snap again. 😂😂 I swear we are actually all very smart (and attractive- see 2nd photo for proof) #BuildingParty #Photobooth #HowManyChins

Flashback Badurday to @makersarcade 2015 when @desertsoph and I had defective faces and ruined their photo booth. Two years and many more photos and we have not gotten any better. Camera roll full of rejects. #Butwerebothverysmart #makersarcade #mercuryinretrograde

Dumbwaiters- for when carrying things up 6 stairs seems like way too much effort. #HereComestheWine #Slowly #BuildingAnticipation #IdyllwildTreehouse #NomadDonuts

The best 24 hours in Idyllwild. I met a dog mayor and that wasn’t even the highlight. Thanks for hosting @desertsoph and being a great audience for my comedy. #Ihavethebestfriends #andprobablyAltitudeSickness #Idyllwild #MayorMax

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