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Well well well- guess who has been in the Adriatic? This freezing girl! Everyone else said the water is warm but it was windy at the beach so it all felt cold to me. Pretty great to let a different ocean float me around though. #BanjeBeach #Dubrovnik #Adriatic #StefinCroatia

Ha! Turns out the fruit flavors are non-dairy so I can finally join the slow-moving hordes of people who cannot lick and walk at the same time. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! #Sorbet #dubrovnik #CruiseShipPeopleAreMakingTodayaChallenge #StefinCroatia

Took the cable car up Mt Srd for this incredible view of Dubrovnik. The combo of tattoos and a smile is apparently kryptonite to male service industry workers here (not to brag but I've already turned down dates with not one but two much older owners of Italian restaurants🤷🏻‍♀️) because they gave me this railing view table just for a glass of wine despite being slammed. I love it here. Zivjeli! #MtSrd #Dubrovnik #GreatWineHere #StefinCroatia

Today started with a trip to Kravice waterfalls in Bosnia Herzegovina. I took my swimsuit but sadly it was way too fucking freezing to do more than put my feet in and scream, but being stubborn I left them in until they went numb. Lovely though. From there we went to Mostar. It was super humbling to hear about the country's war for independence in the 90's- our guide was 8 years old when it started and remembers hiding in basements until he was able to get out and live with a family in Spain. They have "moved on, but not forgotten" as he said. Political corruption kept the area from being rebuilt in a timely manner and still they have an unemployment rate of 44%, and younger people who have left for college usually choose to not return. He would tell us something terrible about the way things were and just say "but what can you do." That being said, it is gorgeous there, and the rebuilt Stari Most bridge is a stunning symbol of getting back a bit of the heart they lost. #Mostar #bosniaherzegovina #StefinCroatia #andMore

I'm going to need you to watch this twice (calm down, it's only 5 seconds) once for the feat of madness and next for the girl in the lower frame talking on the phone with her back to the action. On the fuller clip that Instagram doesn't shrink you see her turn her back exactly as he starts his jump. Hehe missed it, girl. #StariMost #Mostar #BridgeDivers #StefinCroatia

Adventure 3 today was a walking tour of old town, where the buildings are an interesting mix of gothic, baroque and renaissance styles. I learned a lot of cool history which I won't bore you with now, and have another batch of photos to load later with some cool details/close ups of some neato buildings. But I'm exhausted from walking and learning all day, so I can't even recap what all this is, but I know you don't want to read anyway, so just enjoy the pretty! Goodnight (or Laku noć, which I haven't got to say yet since everyone so far has spoken English just fine 🙄) #WhyDidILearnHvartskiThen #OldTown #Dubrovnik

Part 2 of today- after the city walls, I did a Game of Thrones walking tour (shut up, its MY vacation) as a way to see more spots. We checked out the bay (Blackwater Bay for my nerds) and Fort Lovrijenac (also called St Lawrence Fortress and for my GOT pals you know it as the Red Keep) and again, nothing but the most stunning of views. I lightened the first pick of the Fort because it was gloomy when I took it, but the rest are unaltered, just natural gorgeousness. #Dubrovnik #fortlovrijenac #kingslanding #StefinCroatia

My first adventure this morning was walking the old city walls, built for defense in the 14 & 15th centuries. The view was stunning- red roofs, boats, and old structures everywhere. Part of the old wall is Minčeta Tower, a 14th century fortress and the highest point of Dubrovnik (the first pic in this set was taken from one of its tiny spy windows). It rained a bit today but was still warm and lovely. #OldTown #dubrovnik #oldwalls #StefinCroatia

Getting here has been a billionty hour ordeal through which I sleep like 5 of, so I'm too koo-koo for good captions. Shortish version is first few pics were while arriving in to dubrovnik and then some rad old buildings that make up the old town. Did a wine tasting at D'vino wines and this Croatian shit is good. Popped in and out of bars just to catch their vibe but had a Tullamore Dew as Katie O'Brien's Irish Pub for only $5 American dollars (btw there's three wine bars and three Irish pubs two seconds from my place and those are just what I saw while wandering.) When my airport bus dropped me off I walked the wrong way for over 20 minutes because I always see a map upside down. Also that pic of the flight of stairs are the cobblestone lovelies I have to climb each time I go to my hotel. It's like three flights and if i don't survive the trip you'll know why. #dubrovnik #dubrovnikoldtown #StefinCroatia

I was told that it's very important to get to the airport early and toast to the Travel Gods before setting off on any big adventure. Good thing I did, because flights are wonky (thanks so much for your stupid having weather nonsense, SFO!) and it seems I def need to pay tribute and ask for it all to work out so I can get myself to King's Landing smoothly and on time. Dovidenja, San Diego! #adventure #chasingwaterfalls #PassportStamps #StefinCroatia

When your coworker tells you he watched #WhattheHealth and is going to start heading towards veganism, first by cutting out dairy, and you try to play it cool but make him a super casual "you do you, doesn't matter to me" vegan cheese sampler set anyway. He's already had my @kitehillfoods cream cheese at the office, and now I'm setting him up with tastes of @miyokos_kitchen Black Ash and Rustic Alpine and @violifeamerica mozzarella and provolone slices, plus the nacho sauce I make from a @vitamix recipe. But I mean, whatever, it's cool if he does cool if he doesn't. #butcoolerifhedoes #kidislactoseintolerantanyway #vegancheese

When you wake up @penny_sweetness from a nap and she is happy to see you, you get face licks and intense eye contact #puppyfriends #tikiparty

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