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Stefanie Histed  Flint -> San Diego. Eating. Learning to cook plant-based. Doing stuff and thangs

Love the cute new tank I bought last week at @infinitefitnesssd because I needed retail therapy after @ela_personaltrainer tried to murder me. Also I recently got myself a selfie-stick so I can take glorious pictures of myself in front of waterfalls in Croatia in September and I seriously do not know where to look while using it. Where is the camera lens?! Guess I have time to practice, but in the meantime the saying on the shirt is quite appropriate. #MagesticallyAwkward #BuyingClothesAttheGym #athleisure #SelfieStickTricks

Another super fun yacht rock! So many of the best people in one spot, always a treat. Thanks @yodjclaire for sailing that ship real smooth-like. #ahoy #yachtrock #michaelmcdonaldallnightlong

Oh hoyyyyy....yacht rock. @yodjclaire @whistlestopbar

Ready for @yodjclaire yearly #YachtRock at @whistlestopbar. In related news I'll have a sailor hat for sale as soon as it starts annoying me, which I expect to be almost immediately. Will sell for cash or tacos. #Ahoy #SmoothSailing #Costumes #Nautical

Finally met another one of my Instagram obsessions, Julian. He was only mildly impressed by me but I ❤️ him, and his onesie that says "my brother is a cat." Congrats @milanessa and @genuinej he's tops. #BabyScowl #IllWinHimOver

I have no daddy issues other than that mine can be a PITA but has always been around, we cool, etc, so what then can explain my big time crush on the much-older Onion Knight, Ser Davos Seaworth? Is it because he seems to be good and true in a world of liars? I dunno but I gots it bad. #Got #gameofthrones #silverfox #stumpyhand ❤️☝🏼⚔️🗡🐉

"There were floats and costumes and signs and love and the sweetest little troll we named Beers." - how my mom can describe our experience of the Pride Parade to her friends. #Sandiegopride #Vacation #Photobomb

Last night I had a dream that I dropped my prescription glasses and the right arm broke off. Today during Pride the right arm fell off my cheap sunglasses for no reason, so obviously I'm psychic but also yay for the $5 glasses not the $200 ones. But it was bright out, and I was basically left with opera glasses. Some of the corporate floats were giving out sunglasses as swag, but I could never score a pair. @kristinbeers took that as a challenge and in true hero form, chased down a pair of blue beauties from San Diego County Credit Union. The best part? My standard "pride parade is kinda boring" joke is always "I can't wait to see what San Diego County Credit Union does this year!" (Every year just khakis and polo shirts you know?) So today the power of pride and irony combined to save me from squinting. #Sandiegopride #Unicorns #Sunglasses

Mom's visiting so took her to hang with the gang at Whistle Stop. You know, for the a/c. #WhistleStopBar #ItsHotToday #MeetingtheLocals

Uh I literally bought this skort 9 hours ago as I dip my toe into the world of athleisureware, and now Instagram is targeting me with an ad? I bought it in-person (gross, I know) rather than online so 1. EXTRA CREEPY but also 2. HOW YOU WANT TO SELL ME SOMETHING I ALREADY BOUGHT?! Goddamn, get your shit together Internet. I'm easy and susceptible and you are messing it up. #Gah #Marketing #TargetedAds #GivemeNew #Athleta

New work friend brought me this delicious olive oil from Mexico. I tossed it in some gluten-free pasta with sautéed onions, garlic and mushrooms, and topped with tomatoes, basil and nooch. So good! This guy knows how to get in with the Kool Kidz at work, I tell ya! (Yes I meant me) And now I'm going to eat it alone, in underpants, while watching Beauty and the Beast because not all Fridays are bragworthy. Actually I think I did just brag. #Koolest #Friday #Pasta #MisionOliveOil #LivinLarge

Another holiday, another excuse for a costume. Almost time to start planning our looks for Halloween and Cyber Monday. #July4th #RedWhiteandEwwIsThatAVest #Costumes4AllParties

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