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Steffany Gretzinger 


Yaaaaaay!!! So EXCITED AND so PROUD!!! This is gonna be amazing, @jacobisrealcook
Go check out @spokenworlds and give if you feel the Spirit leading you. These books are going to change lives. 💗

Reconnecting. Man, I missed her. Also... I think her personality grew two sizes since I left. #sweetandsaucy #WonderGraceGretzinger

L.A. blew my mind... Texas changed me forever, but home with my babes is my favorite place. @stephen_arthur

Once a year...every year...on this day, the world threatens to suffocate us under red velvet and pink tulle, lure us with tasteless heart candies, and beckons us to buy oversized, cheaply made teddy bears. But, WE WILL NOT succumb to the seduction. Cuz’ baby, OUR love... is ALL the colors and ALL the textures and ALL the flavors, and the teddy bear we squeeze IS the biggest and it isn’t cheaply stuffed (what😳😂). Happy Valentine’s Day, @stephen_arthur
I love you the most in the whole world.

My funny Valentine’s. Miss you both today. 💗 @stephen_arthur #WonderGraceGretzinger

This guy has been a precious gift from God in my life these last 9 years! He’s given me practical tools to grow and mature my emotional world so that I’m not just surviving in life, but I’m thriving in life!! It’s made me a better friend, wife, and leader. He’s been a strategic player in the continued health of our sweet Bethel family, and we are SO excited to tell you that Emotional Prosperity is here!! No matter where you are on your emotional journey, there is something left to learn. :) Whether you’re counselling or being counselled... we recommend it. 🤗
@jayvallotton we are proud of you, friend!! Get it here:

Did my heart so much good to be with Brother bear in L.A. for the IMAGINE conference. It was stunning. I am forever changed. Also... left my phone in the car... He was kind enough to bring it back to me at the airport after a quick selfie shoot. #RyRy @_ryan_hicks

Well. Spent the day with Kalley and didn’t know it was her BIRTHDAY!!!! There is more to say about you @kalleyheili than Instagram could contain. So, to kick this-your first birthday of our friendship-off, I wanted to start by reminiscing on our first trip together. Sooo much laughter. Sooo much crying.
I always knew you were special. Always knew you’d change the world, but now I am very sure you’re changing me. What a joy to my heart you have been all of these...last 3 weeks. 😂😂I hope it’s just the beginning. 😏 Also... this picture says so much. That only we can know. (Shout out to @itsnataliagrace for being just the cutest..) #newfriendfail #happybirthday #itsnevertoolatetocelebrate

You don’t need to know why, but we definitely earned a little organic frozen yogurt today. 🍦 This girl is such a champ. #WonderGraceGretzinger @stephen_arthur We’re comin’ for ya!!!

Best travel Buddy ever... how is every hair cute for its own reason?!! HOOOOOOW

MiMi and Gramps here we coooooome!!! #doublefistin #travelbuddies

Missin’ this old friend today.

Reckless Love is out. I poured my guts and tears into my pre-release post about this album. I could gush about my friend and his music for hours, but what I really want is for you to go get the album. It’s gonna bless your buns right off. Happy Monday, friends.
@coryasbury #recklesslove

Our hearts will always ache until we’re with you again. Just the way it is...Thanks for living such an unforgettable life. Seven birthdays since you’ve been gone, and I’m still as moved and inspired by you as I ever was.
Happy Birthday, Best. I hope heaven threw you a blowout.
#Brenty #HappyBirthday

Reading every chapter twice. This book is illuminating and transformational. Thank you so very much @erwinmcmanus

GO! Fly from mountain top to mountain top!! And, when you come down, I’ll be here to wrap my arms around you... and wash your super sweaty sled gear. You’re welcome. Miss you. Also. Have you ever thought about modelling on the side, because we need some dental work done, and that could cover our dental for the next 10 years. So. Maybe that’s something we could talk about when you’re home too.

Of all the roads I could have chosen, I’m convinced this road with you is the one I was meant to run. How blessed am I? May THIS year hold more LAUGHTER and ADVENTURE than your wild heart could ever dream! Your girls ADORE you ,and we wish you the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays, @stephen_arthur

Help us, Lord.

@joeltaylor you love courageously, and I am PROUD to have been part of your team all these years now. What a champion of people! What a friend of God. You are dearly loved by the Gretzinger’s today and every day.
ALSO!!! Can we all lift up PRAISE that Jaxon gets to go home tomorrow!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Just gonna repost this. YES @patbarrett


Finished some surprise somethings up tonight. Can’t believe it. Chances are you won’t either. But, for now... #goodnight🌙

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