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Stefen Chow  Photographer/Director in Beijing. Co founder of The Poverty Line. World Press Photo winner. Summited Mount Everest.

Her hair ..... is...... amazing...
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Dispatch report from wifey. ‘The Little Chows have naturally become cheapos at supermarket trying out every sample they can’ 😅

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The ‘Fish Equivalence’ exhibition by Chow and Lin at the Getxo Photo.

4000 plus photos individually installed on a wall measuring 13.5m x 3m inside the Algortako Azoka, the central fish and meat market of Getxo. Curated by Monica Allende.
Equivalence - The Ecological Footprint of Fish. Chow and Lin. 2017.

We examined the impact of farm fishing through the large yellow croaker (大黄鱼) which is China's most popular fish.

Working with scientists, fish experts and local government officials, we traversed 4 towns in Fujian China to build a tessellated mosaic of fish portraits to see how much wild small fish is needed to sustain fish farming.

The answer is 7.15kg, 39 species, more than 4000 wild small fish to raise a single kilogram of large yellow croaker.

They are the 3 singular fish at the centre of the picture.

The large yellow croaker is China’s most popular fish, and they used to be caught in the wild for generations. Overfishing coupled with a sharp rise in consumption in China has led to a near extinction of the large yellow croaker species in the wild.

Today, virtually every large yellow croaker is farmed, and they are fed with wild small fish caught in the nearby China seas. Many of these fish are caught premature, and these species are threatened due to overfishing and lack of regulation.

Each year, 400,000 tonnes of wild small fish are caught and ground into large yellow croaker feed, and 7.17 million tonnes of wild small fish are caught in total. China accounts for more than 60% of the world’s aquaculture output.

Commissioned by Greenpeace

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Attending a panel ‘From the institution to the independent collective’ consisting of
Marta Weiss (curator, Victoria & Albert Museum), Der Greif (curators, editors and designers) and interviewed by Alejandro Castellote (independent curator) at Getxophoto. @der_greif @simon_robert_k @vamuseum @getxophoto

Feeling honored to be one of the participating artists at the Getxophoto festival. I spoke about the Fish Equivalence by Chow and Lin at the beautiful Músico Andrés Isasi.
We are especially excited that we are part of a stellar list of photographers and artists that the amazing Monica Allende has curated, including Kazuma Obara, Anton Kusters, Poulomi Basu, Markel Redondo, Julián Barón, Clemente Bernad, Juan Valbuena, Sofia Moro, and Simon Norfolk.

I love killing two birds with one stone, sometimes more.
Photographing our 30th country for The Poverty Line.
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The Mayor of Getxo dropped by while I was in the midst of installing the ‘Fish Equivalence’ at the Getxo Festival. It has been 2 days of hard work trying to install 4000 odd pieces of photographs onto the huge wall in the middle of a market in Getxo.
Jokin Aspuru, director of Getxo Photo looks on.
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Morning run in Getxo, Spain. This is truly beautiful.
Here to install and open the ‘Fish Equivalence’ for the Getxo Photo Festival with curator Monica Allende. @getxophoto

The Poverty Line is currently on show at the George Town Festival till this Sunday.
The Poverty Line explores a question: what does poverty mean?

The visual project is a collaboration between Stefen Chow and Hui-Yi Lin. It began in China in 2010 and has since expanded to 28 countries across 6 continents. The Poverty Line uses the universal lens of food to examine the choices you would face if you lived at the poverty line.

The project takes a typological photographic approach over time. Each country's figure is based on their poverty line definition and official national statistics to derive a per capita per day rate, with household food expenditure incorporated for developed countries. Food is then procured from local markets using that monetary amount. Every individual piece of work is photographed with the food items placed on local newspapers purchased on the day of the shoot, with the dimensions and lighting carefully measured to have a uniform aesthetic across time and geographical spread. The result is a large typological photographic statement that addresses the complex issues of global poverty using economics, photography and food choices.
The project was referenced by the World Bank and exhibited as large scale installations at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, Paris (2015), PMQ, Hong Kong (2015), Studio 94, Taipei (2015), Museum of Modern Art, Tblisi (2013), Three Shadows Art Centre, Beijing (2012), Galerie Huit, Arles (2011). The project has been extensively featured in international media including BBC, Le Monde, CNN, Foreign Policy and is currently in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago and Central Academy of Fine Art Museum, Beijing. @georgetownfestival

At least I have a very enthusiastic supporter.

Honored to be one of the speakers at TEDxXiguan. I also realized this is the first time I did a TEDx trip with Little Chow as well.
Conversation with Little Chow.
‘Did you learn anything new today?’
‘Really? Didn’t you see me working hard all day?’
‘You work hard all the time.’ Damn snarky. This one.
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We are getting ready for TEDxXiguan. Guangzhou, China. 800 people tomorrow.
Conversation with Little Chow. ‘Papa, why are you saying the same thing over and over again the whole morning?’
‘I am rehearsing. It takes time to get it right.’
‘Oh. It looks so tiring.’
‘Yes, but it is the same as you learning to swim right? It takes so much practice.’
‘Nothing is easy if you make it look easy.’
‘Oh....’ #littlechows #5yearsold #tedxxiguan

It has been a pretty packed 2 week trip in Penang and Singapore with 2 exhibition openings.
We also gave 10 talks during this time, to an estimated 1700+ people in total.
This is probably the most satisfying part of our work, sharing our process, mistakes and dreams with students, young artists and people interested in our work. Thank you!

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