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Stefen Chow  Photographer/Director in Beijing. Co founder of The Poverty Line. World Press Photo winner. Summited Mount Everest.

Seeing 2 PLA soldiers using the Ofo bike sharing service really shows that the bike sharing scheme has taken off on some levels in Beijing, China. I rarely see the bicycle lanes so busy with bicycles until recently. #ofo #bicycle #bicyclesharing #beijing #tech #army #china #startup

Portrait for Barron's. I photographed Ken Siazon, an asian specialist on fund management for the Barron's Magazine (part of Wall Street Journal) earlier this year in Singapore. This is one of the out takes from the shoot.

Breaking ice with a subject you have met only 5 minutes earlier is a challenge, but I always walk into a photography session with a positive mindset, ready to humour and find parallel topics. Ken was an easy going guy, and we spoke about everything from the food in Singapore, the 4 seasons in Austria, and the fact that my role there as a photographer is to make him look good.
My subjects, many of them career professionals are rarely that excited to be in front of a camera, but as a photographer you can convince them that the time they spend with you is worth it. #barrons #portraits #portraiture #bokeh #elinchrom #nikon #staged #location

So happy to receive this in the mail today.
Glad to have my work represent the China segment for German Agency @serviceplan 'Twelve' an annual review that has won numerous accolades, including @reddotaward_productdesign in 2015, 2016 as well as a Bronze in the BOB Award 2015.
Thanks to Kathrin Guethoff for recommending me to their HQ department! #pekingopera #portraits #tearsheets #work #photography

Congratulations to Chef @andrechiang_sg winning 2nd place at the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants!
We first met as fellow speakers at TEDxShanghai, and he was already on his way to world class accolades. He has always been focused on what he wants, and while humble in person, he is also confident with what he could contribute to the world.
This portrait session was taken during a private conversation between us, and taken back in 2013 in his artelier.
Thank you once again for being such an inspiration. #portraits #andrechiang #chefandre #blackandwhite #elinchrom #nikon #asiabest #chef #personality #taiwan #southeastasia #portraiture #lighting

There is a Singapore film crew from @channelnewsasia filming me today.
Not so used to this, as I would rather be behind the lens instead. I hope I am intriguing enough.

Equivalence - iPhone cable and ramen. 300cm x 300cm. The monetary value of the single iPhone cable is the same as 100 ramen. It is a commentary on the state of the world we live in, and the contrast on consumerism and economic strata. This work will be exhibited at the 'Shanghai International Photographic Arts Exhibition' in the China Arts Museum, one of the largest contemporary art museums in China. Opening on the afternoon of the 28th February this month. #stefenchow #chowandlin #equivalence #inequality #consumerism #art #contemporary #shanghai #apple #ramen

@janeclimbs , my teammate on Denali takes the final steps towards the summit of North America's highest mountain in Alaska. This image was taken a while back, but it still reminds of that very moment. It was bloody cold, but the scenery was simply awesome. It was one of those climbs where you feel good, eat well and have lots of fun with your team mates. I was also amazed how well my @nikonasia @nikonusa D3X performed under such extreme circumstances. #mountaineering #denali #mckinley #nikon #summit #snow #adventure #extreme #alaska

I am sorting through my old slides, and I found this photo of my teammates Teo Yen Kai and Colin Ee sucking in precious supplementary oxygen at Camp IV on Mount Everest, the last camp before we pushed towards the summit.
Looking back at this day in 2005, it was a moment where everything was on the line. It was a moment of reckoning.
We were barely resting properly, our adrenaline of moving towards the summit highly strung. We had no idea if the weather outside was to subside, and we were battered by 70 km/hr winds outside the tent, threatening to break our only shelter any moment. The ambient temperature, excluding windchill was -38 degrees Celsius. The road ahead was long, yet it was the final push to the summit.
Everything was on the line.
We didn't know if we would succeed or fail. I forgot what we discussed in detail that day, but I remembered vaguely that it was about life, and giving your all.
Did we talk about regrets and risking it all? Probably not aloud, but I am sure it was in our mind at some point.
I was all of 25 years old, and I have not faced a period where I knew that the next 24 hours would be so consequential for the rest of my life.
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Centennial Everest Expedition

1st June 2005. Camp IV, Everest, 7900m. #nus #everest #fujivelvia #mountaineering #deathzone #oxygen #summit #nepal #adventure #extreme

I took an early ride into the airport this morning, and I started having a chat with Ramesh, 35, my Grab driver. He is an inspiration to me.
14 years ago, he arrived into Singapore as a construction worker. From there, he studied and improved each time round, moving from a construction worker to a supervisor then on to a construction manager. Eventually, he upgraded his own status from a workers permit to an S pass, and he is now a Singapore PR.
Today, he part times as a grab driver, and he also owns an South Indian eatery at 51 Soon Li Road in Boon Lay. The eatery's name is Pudukkottai. If you try it, let me know if it's good.
He is also super grateful that his wife is here with him and their son was born 2 years ago. He speaks with an Indian accent, but his son will soon speak like a Singaporean. 'language (he probably meant proficiency) is different, but knowledge is same same.' He said it with pride in his voice.
This is a man who have worked hard, climbed his way and shows us how it is done. I hope he finds success and happiness in life. Not so sure about Liverpool though. #singapore #life #inspiration

How the Chinese in South East Asia toss the 'Yusheng', a tradition done among friends and family during the Chinese New Year. I was with my friends from secondary school, whom I have known more than 2 decades ago. #chinesenewyear #yusheng #southeastasia

As we congregate for Chinese New Year, the extended Chow family also took the opportunity to celebrate my parents' 70th birthday. All my father's siblings showed up. Happy Birthday papa and mama!
We are truly blessed to have a party that spanned 3 generations and the opportunity to share laughter, reflections and anecdotes.
A picture like this is rare: Many of us live in different cities, so coming together is a rather beautiful moment. #chinesenewyear #family #portraits #malaysia #elinchrom

House visits during the Chinese New Year can be a little tiring. Little Chow poses with the napping grandmother. #littlechows #family #cny #chinesenewyear #malaysia #nap