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Raphael Stefano Regner  20 year old, passionate about tea. 📥

"What is life but a big adventure"

I've been told a lot of things in the past, yet here I am doing the total opposite people thought I'd be. So here's a post to all of those haters I've got two words for you: thank you. If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have pushed myself to prove all of you wrong ~

Beauty without substance and depth is comparable to an empty treasure chest. Both will only lead to disappointment and regret. Today we find ourselves in the countryside of Vietnam. We traded the hustle and the bustle of the city to enjoy some R and R. Just you, your music and the view. Good afternoon everyone. #livelifeproof

I always had this habit that I do every time I find myself in a new place. I always take a moment to breathe in and admire how beautiful the place is. TL;DR: water is wet and fire is hot.

Saw these little guys all perched up on the coconut palms a few ways back; These tiny birds are called chestnut munias (L. Atricapilla). I have a fair share of animal knowledge due to me being considered one of those "weird kids" back in grade school and high school. I guess in my situation right now it's safe to say that I'm quite more knowledgeable than my "cool kid" counterparts nowadays. #yesimthrowingshade

I've got a lot of things I have to be thankful for, these past years have been good to me and to be honest I question myself a lot if whether or not I actually do deserve all this. This one's for all those guys who've hit a rough patch right now, it will get better. In fact you'll breeze through whatever you may be feeling right now maybe you just had a bad day today, heck it might be a bad month for you but always remember you're not alone, and that everything will be okay.

It's quite funny that all I've been thinking lately is how I'll be able to pass my course with all that's happening in this world. It's almost as if it's due for another world war or some virus will plague this world and wipe out the human race in an instant 😶

Aren't sunsets the best thing ever? I mean, the sun and earth surprises you with a light show at the end of every afternoon. You just don't know which colors you'll end up with ☺️. Hello everyone! How are y'all doing ✨✨

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