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Raphael Stefano Regner  "Learning is not limited to the four corners of a room, the world's a classroom and life is one big lesson." 📥

Know that words may be powerful, but it's only when we do things that create actual change.

It's been one heck of a ride as I approach the last remaining years of my bachelor's degree, it has been a fruitful one to be exact. I've learned to value time more than any material wealth in this given plane of existence. Having to balance my studies with social relationships and even sleep might have taken a toll on me though I have been struggling lately but humans have always learned to adapt to anything so... yup. Post frequencies will be a lot less but I'll still stay In touch with y'all (I low key miss you guys) but I have to set my priorities and that's school for now :^).

Optimism can be hard sometimes knowing you're bad at the stuff you love doing. Failure is an ingredient to success but what happens at an excess? Do we persevere and suffer more or do we accept and give up?

Other people's definition of you does not define you as a person. Each of us move at our own pace, we have our problems that we face everyday. What people see superficially is barely how you see yourself. Be yourself, you'll be happier;

Spotted more of these little guys on top of the pines just now I couldn't help but not stop myself from taking their photos😅. I'm the biggest fan of chestnut munias (L. Atricapilla ) talaga for a reason they used to be the Philippines' national bird!

Starting to miss taking photos ever since the school season started! In fact I'm even starting to miss the fact that I had more time to do stuff before compared to now. The concept of being a tourist (because I'm never fond of labeling myself the right way) And a student at the same time is quite baffling to the ears of some people. I've had people questioning me: if I still go to school? Or like how do I manage to fund all of the stuff I've been doing. To answer those frequently asked questions yes I still go to school, I'm no bum! I'm not one of those über rich kids that "bleed money in every orifice of their body" I'm practically your typical college student! How I fund my trips with my partner @michaelsquirt is another story. After being exposed to the most infectious disease of the generation called the "travel bug" I guess I always had the innate ability to expertly jumble my time for the stuff i love to do despite how crazy it is. As for how i fund myself, Mike and I would plan out what to do in one place and I have to come up with a certain amount by the estimated date of travel! that's actually easier said than done knowing that one, I am a student, two I don't have a steady influx of cash and three I actually have to rely on my allowance and I buy my school stuff with that same money I should be saving 😅 though to sum it all up, "if you really love something and someone, you will always find time for it."

Probably the reason why I haven't been posting content lately. I present to you a video project! (even though I'm bad with videos) that I've been cautiously editing despite the tedious schedule I have for school. Hopefully this won't be the end of my video content making and I do promise to hone my video making skills just as my ever transient style in photography (luls). Vietnam left a lasting impression to me and my partner here are some of the snippets to the second leg of that trip.
Song: Empire ants (cover) by juantagillo (because I can't afford the rights to the original song hahahha.)

The world's so used to having things in an instant yet they all forget that great things only ever happen over time.

We found this kid lounging on the rocks almost as if he wanted us to take a photo of him. I bet this little guy's pleased we did so. Still feeling a little bittersweet (and sad to what happened in ha long but life's life) from all the happenings during this year's summer I probably wont have anything like it for a while since school's back.

We're only given one lifetime, live it. Do everything you want, don't let other people influence your decisions, just do you.

Don't you think it's beautiful that despite all our differences as people, we're all the same in the context that all of us feel? Feelings that not only influence our decisions everyday but also our body's chemistry. We all feel and there's nothing wrong with that, supressing is comparable to not breathing it's almost not like living at all;

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