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Raphael Stefano Regner  "Learning is not limited to the four corners of a room, the world's a classroom and life is one big lesson." 📥rsregner@gmail.com

The world's so used to having things in an instant yet they all forget that great things only ever happen over time.

We found this kid lounging on the rocks almost as if he wanted us to take a photo of him. I bet this little guy's pleased we did so. Still feeling a little bittersweet (and sad to what happened in ha long but life's life) from all the happenings during this year's summer I probably wont have anything like it for a while since school's back.

We're only given one lifetime, live it. Do everything you want, don't let other people influence your decisions, just do you.

Don't you think it's beautiful that despite all our differences as people, we're all the same in the context that all of us feel? Feelings that not only influence our decisions everyday but also our body's chemistry. We all feel and there's nothing wrong with that, supressing is comparable to not breathing it's almost not like living at all;

I hate to say that I learned how to appreciate life a little bit more than the usual. Two weeks might not be the longest time but it was enough for me to compare and contrast stuff. I may have come back home with a broken phone, a bag full of laundry and my wallet almost empty but nothing can ever compare to the lessons you learn in a trip. I came back as a happy man, and a happy man I'll always be knowing that if it weren't for that trip, I would still be that unappreciative brat that people always thought I was.

Sorry for the hiatus. My phone fell in saltwater and I guess that's a reasonable excuse for me to enjoy life unplugged and unfiltered for the remainder of the last leg of our trip to vietnam. I'll be updating you guys with more photos in the coming weeks because I'm a good guy like that :^) miss y'all it's great to be back!

"What is life but a big adventure"

I've been told a lot of things in the past, yet here I am doing the total opposite people thought I'd be. So here's a post to all of those haters I've got two words for you: thank you. If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have pushed myself to prove all of you wrong ~

Beauty without substance and depth is comparable to an empty treasure chest. Both will only lead to disappointment and regret. Today we find ourselves in the countryside of Vietnam. We traded the hustle and the bustle of the city to enjoy some R and R. Just you, your music and the view. Good afternoon everyone. #livelifeproof

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