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Stevie Janowski  I don't date Vegans, i don't smoke cess.


Hmmmm.... damn right Motherfucker.

Just supporting Northern California, 707 kid and all.

Jane Brioche, SPAM, 'Merican cheese, Avocado, egg, Dirty French Bastard Butter, Hux Hot Sawse. #brunch *Hawaiin BBQ chips not pictured

Tony fuckin Bag o Dicks... It broke my heart this afternoon to hear of your passing. From one of the founding member of Trunk Full of Guns, to RAGING Halloween parties at my house, to the 10 of 12 HOPR dinners we attended so far this year, to hunting on the Gov. Jerry Browns property... the memories we shared are endless. I am glad we enjoyed your favorite meal together this past Monday, hell it was most probably your last meal. I am glad you shared your wisdom on staying single forever, why Big Lebowski is amazing, & your endless stories i have heard over 100s of times. I would trade almost anything just to hear how you got Manny his raise at Incanto. I love you, you old fuck. Until we see each other in Hell, rest easy, Dont worry ill take care of your bicycles. #TonyBagODix

If you are on the west side of Fairfield, pack your shit up now. Get to your back up destination before these winds hit. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THE BACKROAD CONGESTION!! Leave early, do not wait last minute. Your life is more important than your possessions. .

If you are lending out your house to victims of the fire, @airbnb is helping you out. Use their service for free, charge the tenant $0 and you basically are protected by their insurance. #fire #californiawildfires

Thats my parents house.

It is fucking Monday. Fuck Columbus, eat CARNE.

When you meet your 80s hero at a bar, you ask him to hold you closer.

BBQ Pork Belly, pickled dinosaur kale, star anise sweet potato mash, seed melange, & pork jus #huxleysf #america #samephotodifferentfilter

So this is what yall want right? So we can cut down on mass violence.... hmmm. Just checking so i can help... #libtards

My second home for many years, and it was time well spent.

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