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Stefani Potter  Actor. Singer. Jokester. Traveler. Positivity queen.⚡️Self-love junkie.💜 This is my ONLY IG ACCOUNT

We stack our dreams high, one after another, possibility after possibility. These days are filled with building. Building our friendships, our careers, our futures, our selves. Sometimes I'm tired of the construction and mess of trying to "figure things out". I feel uncomfortably incomplete, impatient and unsure of where to go next. I feel inspired by endless possibility and equally overwhelmed by it. I forget sometimes that this is where all of the meaning and beauty is! This time is where all of the magic is injected into the walls and structures of our lives. So today I am appreciating the p r o c e s s and finding beauty in the quirky ways I pave my path.

When you got the pool to yourself but you feelin fire af so you just pose dramatically until some cuties walk by. 💁🏻‍♀️🙈

I miss my big sis/best friend. Even when she makes me do a complete outfit change under a tiny robe in the middle of a hiking trail for the sake of content. 😵 @lacikaysomers #sister #👯‍♀️

Thinking a lot about humanity today...Thinking the world would be a better place if relationships and general human interaction were less about Give&take and more about Give&getback.
Giving is truly powerful. When we give without expectation: receivers AND givers feel noticed, appreciated, loved, open & empowered to keep the flow of positive energy ongoing and palpable. 💥
Do what you can to give more selflessly today and observe how it positively affects your heart and those around you. 💜🤗

Hi. Help. Should I steal these jeans from @lacikaysomers or buy a pair for myself? Or just not wear white pants all together? Did I say help already?

Why do humans judge other humans based on their appearances? And what do YOU think you and others can do to try to be less judgmental based on physical appearance?

I’m genuinely wondering and want your feedback. 🧐❤️ I struggle with my weight, size, acne, voice etc. but the woman who sneered at me at the gym today didn’t take any of that into consideration as she stared and scoffed at me during my daily journey to convince my eyes and heart to be proud of what I have worked to look like.

On that subject, why do we care if OTHER PEOPLE don’t approve of what we look like? And what are steps we can take to care more about our opinions of ourselves?

Thanks friends. 💕

FleAkY aF.

I work hard for this unphotoshopped body. And yet I’m afraid to show it off.
Society tells you to be yourself and then people make fun of you for it...judge you, scoff at you, laugh at you. Say “they’re full of themselves”, “fake”, “obnoxious”, too this/too that.
I am who I want to be and that’s what makes my experiences in life. Not other people’s opinions of me. At least that’s what I remind myself every day. #constantstruggle #bodypositive #depressionsucks #loveyourself #cellulite #latenightpost

Don’t get too close. I’ll turn you into poetry. #datemeidareyou

What a sight: Two peas in a pod in Thailand. @lacikaysomers

New cam. Who dis? 🖤

One of the most incredible things you can do in life is inspire others to be great. 💕

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