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Stef Lewandowski  Building @makelight and growing a family: @thequinskis. Trying to make a better world, one line of code at a time. I don’t reply to username queries.

Sunny Saturday mornings are made for impromptu dragon drawing workshops! 🐉 ✍️

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new Instagram tool and it’s now live! @yearofcolour lets you make a visualisation of the colours you’ve used throughout the year in the images you’ve posted. It’s free, and if it proves popular I’m going to be offering personalised prints of these images. Have a go! The link is in my bio. Let me know what you think. 🎨💎 #yearofcolour

Today is robot day in @thequinskis household! These Vex IQ robots are modular and Lego-like so you can make lots of different types together. This is our new (slightly ineffective, but who’s checking) kitchen picker-upper. #robotsofinstagram #robotlife

A super quick birthday card. If in doubt? Bird hat!

I’ve got back into doing a few monster birthday cards. Asked O what his friend would like and drew the result. Bad science monster perhaps?

Started the day by creating some big A2 monster drawings for the kids to colour in. Bird hat monster always goes down well!

We’ve been really getting into board games recently. We’ve got all the classics out of storage and they’re fascinated with them. Any recommendations for modern board games we should check out? #childhoodunplugged #boardgamegeek #tabletopgames #boardgames #boardgamer

We had so many beautiful moments on our Summer road trip. This was so memorable! We were driving up the coastal road, the sun was going down and there was a sign pointing to the beach. No time for swimwear, let's check it out! #roadtripusa #sunsetbeach #childhoodunplugged #clambeach #humboldtcounty

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon and evening at the #shandy wedding at London Zoo. Some very unusual guests! Congratulations to @mindcider and Shanan.

I love it that this is the design for the outside lighting used at the @portlandchildrensmuseum. Now we're back from our two week road trip LA to Portland I'll be sharing some of the photos. Hardly had a moment to be posting anything along the way! #portlandoregon #roadtripusa

Our photography for family storytelling project kicks off today. It's entirely free and a nice thing to do if you'd love to be able to take better images of your family. One of those things you might do and then look back and realise how lovely your photo books look as a result. Kicks off today, running all through August on the @makelight site. Which I might add I am spending all of my waking hours building at the moment so I'm looking forward to some time off with the family in a couple of weeks! #makelightfamily

Working on a new @makelight feature today. We can categorise Instagram hashtags by the kinds of images that people share when they use them. And then when you view one of these themes we can suggest folks from the Makelight community and hashtags who are most relevant. Quick sneak peek of work in progress!

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