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THESTEDDY  High Quality Knitwear | Est. 2011 β € Contact: Line: @steddystore (with @) Whatsapp: 0858 0010 7700 β € Office Hours: 09.00-17.00 on Weekdays β €

THESTEDDY is recently looking for a social media officer! 😎
Are you the one who passionately working in organizing and copywritting? send us your CV to to be part of THESTEDDYπŸ’«πŸ’«

Siapa bilang produk Thesteddy cuma buat cewek aja? Buat cowok juga ada lhoh salah satunya adalah series Allan Sweater seperti yang dipake @bryantsatriad . Boleh loh tag pacar atau gebetan kamu yang cocok untuk pakai sweater ini! πŸ˜‹
- -
Allan Creme
IDR 160,000
Available in size S M L ( in frame size S )

Welcoming the new color of our Chala families, Turquoise is such a bright color for your bright day! 🌞
- -
Chala Turquoise
IDR 145,000

Bestfriend are people who know every single details about you and love you just the same.
Just like ms. @ryramli that looks so amazing with her bestfriend.
β €
Btw, there are so many messages we got from #thesteddypeople about our Belle Pink that has been sold out in our web.
Well, what if we put Belle Pink Sweater back in stock? Is ir 'YayπŸ‘' or 'NayπŸ‘Ž' to put it back in stock? 😊

Good Eve #thesteddypeople πŸ™‹
Masih inget nggak gengs sama Callie Sweater dari Thesteddy? 😊
β €
Well, we are planning to put some of our best-selling sweater back in stock for the next collection.
So, what do you think?
Is it 'Yay πŸ‘' or 'NayπŸ‘Ž' if we put Callie Back in stock for the next collections? 😊
Please tell us in the comment down below #thesteddypeople 😘

Wanna hang out with your squad this saturday night? 😊
We have a monochrome outfit inspiration for you wearing Chala Black sweater 😎
Don't forget to get 17% discount for every purchases at our webstore using coupon code : MERDEKA only at

Independence Day special discount is still available at our webstore 😍
β €
Dapatkan diskon 17% all items untuk setiap pembelian melalui web kami.
So, Go grab them fast #thesteddypeople
Available until 20 August only at πŸ’–

Hari kemerdekaan di Indonesia identik dengan masyarakat yang memeriahkannya dengan kebersamaannya, apalagi kehebohan lomba-lomba 17-an yang paling ditunggu-tunggu πŸ˜‚
Nah untuk Giveaway kali ini kita punya 2 sweater untuk 2 pemenang nih #thesteddypeople
β €
β€’ Like postingan ini
β€’ Jawab pertanyaan ini dan tuliskan jawabannya di kolom comment yaa:
πŸ‘‰Apasih moment lomba 17-an yang paling konyol versi kalian nih #thesteddypeople?
β €
Jawaban kami tunggu sampai tanggal 18 Agustus 2017 dan pengumuman pemenangnya akan diumumkan melalui Instagram Story ya. Jadi jangan lupa pantengin terus Instagram Story dari Thesteddy 😊

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ❀
Dapatkan diskon kemerdekaan 17% untuk setiap pembelian di webstore Thesteddy dengan memasukan coupon code : MERDEKA 😍
Berlaku pada tanggal 17 - 20 Agustus 2017
β €
Btw, di hari kemerdekaan ini, sharing yuk hal apa sih yang membuat kalian bangga sebagai orang Indonesia? Budayanya? Keseniannya? Atau makanannya yang serba yummy? 😝
Pleese tell us in the comment down below #thesteddypeople 😊

Hayo siapa nih diantara #thesteddypeople yang doyan banget mantengin beauty vloger di youtube? 😝
β €
Btw, kalian paling suka nonton siapa sih guys? Dan paling tertarik kalo mereka bahas apa? Skin care? Make-up tutorial? Atau review lipstick swatches gitu? πŸ’‹
Atau jangan jangan ada yang punya youtube channel juga nih diantara #thesteddypeople semua πŸ™€
Please tell us in the comment down below 😘
β €
In frame : Allan sweater - IDR 160,000
Available at

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet and so are you 😊
β €
If there's a chance to give someone a flower, who would you give it to?
Tag your friends or someone that you want to say thank you for being your best friend all this time πŸ’–

Good morning #thesteddypeople 😊
Let's start the day with big smile on our face 😍
Don't forget to visit our webstore at to find out our FREE shipping event up to IDR 30,000 #thesteddypeople πŸ’–

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