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Rose 🌹  ASK TO REPOST Kevin🍫 βœ‰ PO Box 683 1400 N Kraemer Blvd Placentia CA 92871 twitter: steakpresident business: misssteakcos@gmail.com! β†˜NEW VLOG!!πŸ’•β†™


Our onion sprout has gone...what will I do now _(:3 γ€βˆ )_ she has left me with this creeper in the back LOLOL JK but I'm glad @oniondynasty made it home safely! We did so many vlogs and shoots I can't wait to show you guys! 😍 Until then here's a silly video, we always joked about how Kevin stands very far for selfies and this just shows it. πŸ˜‚

Positivity for today: don't expend energy on people who don't care about you. Even if it may be hard or hurtful, you deserve to be surrounded by support and kindness. πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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We went to Disney yesterday!! Kylo hit on @oniondynasty and I was cracking up watching @cookiekingcosplay get tossed around on Indiana Jones. πŸ‘Œ We vlogged too so that will be up sometime but man I'm dead tired!! I think my body is getting too old for theme parks I was passing out. I can't believe I lived through having an annual pass once. πŸ˜‚

Positivity for today: some days will breeze by, but some will also be much harder than others. It can be hard not to give up especially then, but you never know how life can change. A year ago I was in the worst state and could never imagine myself coming here again. I was traumatized by things that happened at this park and stayed away from it until today, and got to replace those memories with happy ones. Keep fighting, you got this!! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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(Flipped video) Just finished shooting the last agni kai!! I think only one person in our stream guessed who @oniondynasty would be correctly hahaha it was super fun thank you so much @ocmphoto111 (CHECK HIM OUT HE'S INCREDIBLE and make awesome shirts)!! Can't wait to show you guys the photos and vlog! Katara is so friggin comfy to wear I LOVE IT. Zuko is @cookiekingcosplay.😍 -

Positivity for today: things may not always go how you plan, but that doesn't mean you should give up! There is always a way to move forward, sometimes it just takes time to see it. πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD πŸ’— Streaming in a few minutes!! Come hang out with the Uchiha fam all together for the first time in 2 years!! -

Positivity for today: you don't become strong by living an easy life. You are strong because of the courage you have to face every day, even if it can be difficult!! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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Hey!! Another new series cosplay! πŸ™Œ We made Katara and Zuko just for a special shoot that @oniondynasty has planned with us but I've been wanting to cosplay from ATLA for so long!! I'm actually a multishipper for ATLA but these two are the only ones that fit for that scene πŸ˜‰ also this is actually what my skin tone looks like when I make my face match my neck & the rest of my body, if ya don't believe me I have an unfiltered pic of my leg next to his for reference LMAO, it feels strange doing such a different design but this cosplay is so comfy IT FEELS LIKE PJS!! I also did Kevin's burn makeup again (I wanna marry his Zuko tbh). Anyway I hope you guys like it I really like how they turned out! 😘

Positivity for today: no matter what you think right now or what others have made you believe, you are worthy of love and happiness. Those who convince you you're not shouldn't be a part of your life. πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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Sakura is by far the character I've remade the most versions of, and I'm still pushing myself to keep improving because I love her so much!! Since my sprout is coming next week I wanted to do another makeup/wig test for Mamakura and I think I'm finally getting to where I wanna be so I decided to do a #cosplayvscharacter!! If you look at my really old Mamakura selfies I've definitely improved a lot and for once I feel pretty proud of myself! Thank you to everyone who's supported my Sakura it means so much to me.😣 -

Positivity for today: there are times when we can feel stuck and like we will never get better no matter how hard we try. But progress takes time and we all go at our own pace, so just take your time and cut yourself some slack, you're doing great!! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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((NOT THE FULL VIDEO)) HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY @cookiekingcosplay!!! πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’• The rest of this video is up on YT (Uchiha Hotline/link in bio)!!! I made a surprise montage of a bunch of our cosplays/vlogs! 😘

Positivity for today: even if it seems like everything is going wrong, the best thing to do is to keep pushing forward. A year from now you could find yourself in a place you could've never imagined! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

#cosplay #couplecosplay #sasusaku #naruhina #anniversarygift #sasusakucosplay #narutocosplay

T-minus 2 days until our anniversary I'm really excited just because I worked really hard on another silly gift and I can't wait to show you guys!! But until then have this selfie I really love from when we did the shoot for viz. Our little onion sprout is coming in A WEEK I CAN'T BELIEVE IT so be prepared for sss family spam. 😍

Positivity for today: wherever you are in life, you've still got so much further to go. Things will get better and you will find where you're meant to be! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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Surprise!! Some of you who have been in our streams know that for a while Kevin and I have debated who to be from BNHA, as he wanted to be Todoroki but I wanted him to be Bakugo LOL. So for our anniversary this Sunday I wanted to show him that I support whatever he wants to do! That's why I've made Momo to go along with an entire Todoroki cosplay I made for him as a surprise (Kevin if you're reading this I ain't lying go look in the living room ;) ). Momo was the first girl I wanted to cosplay but I was (and still am) super insecure about cosplaying her design so I hope you will be kind to me! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be hahaha but there are more gifts coming! 😘

Positivity for today: sometimes, when day after day doesn't seem to go right it may seem hopeless. But know that even on those days you still matter. You're still amazing even if you don't feel that way! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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We went to the Zelda symphony last night and it was beaaaautiful!! We didn't get to take many selfies though since it was already dark, but here's a video of how crazy Kevin's hair is when he takes it out of a wig. It sticks straight up in all directions and you can't push it down LOL anyway I hope you're having a good day!! And remember, try not to think too much. Overthinking often creates problems that were never there or may never happen, so try to distract yourself with something fun! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ

Ahhh I REALLY LOVE THIS PHOTO 😭 it's probably my new fave! I usually absolutely hate photos of me smiling that aren't selfies but @iwillallowit makes it really easy to smile! I would've been too self-conscious in front of other photographers honestly;; I sort of get freckles in the sun sometimes too but I like them 😊 if you haven't seen this outfit it's her dlc for ninja storm hahaha, I'll probably post a comparison sometime!

Positivity for today: a lot of times we stop ourselves from trying new things because we think that we may embarrass ourselves, but often times the greatest things come from taking leaps of faith. You can do It! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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Here's one of the first shots from our beach photoshoot!! The vlog is now up on our YT (Uchiha Hotline, link in bio)! Thank you guys so much for always supporting us and being so sweet! This photoshoot was a little scary for me, I haven't worn a bikini in probably 6 or so years;; but we have a lot more amazing shots taken by @iwillallowit so I hope you like them! 😊

Positivity for today: allow yourself time to rest and heal from things that have been affecting you. Resting isn't a waste of time, it just means taking care of yourself. πŸ’•πŸŒΉ -

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