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IamLyricTione➰  Seventeen🤘🏾|Singer.Dancer.Model.|Updating YouTube🔜StayPositiveQueen.|Natural, Old Soul & Free Spirit Ting🌴✨➰

I feel like sometimes I never show my appreciation for my ma.❣️ I feel sometimes we may not always see eye to eye but, she's definitely the #1 person who is always going to have my back. She's there when I'm crying, she's there when I'm in pain, she's there when i need something, she's there when I am at my most passionate point, she's there when I have an attitude, she's there when I met a goal, she's there when I need someone to talk to, she's there when I'm at my weakest point. She's been here for me since I could remember, we aren't the closest but, we are most definitely best friends👸🏾💙. We cry together, we laugh together, we get mad at each other, we celebrate together & we understand together.💯 She's the first person I run to when I like a boy, she's the 1st person I go to when there is a problem, she's has stuck by my side through it all. She the REALEST IN MY CIRCLE.🤘🏾💓We have been through so much together & it has only made our bond so much more closer💓. As I am getting older, and moving on into my senior year of high school & evolving.... as a human being. I couldn't be more Grateful of having a mother like YOU ma🖤🙏🏾. YOU COMPLETE ME. Your love is unconditional. Your my 1 love that i ever gave love too. The love I have for you runs deep, I am so glad that God gave me a mother like you🙏🏾. We have grown so much together... & you will always be my booka(as you would call me)😅💚. I don't care what we went through or been through🙅🏾. this QUEEN is MY SOUL🖤. AIN'T NO WOMEN ALIVE THAT COULD TAKE MY MAMAS PLACE. 🖤👸🏾. (Excuse the music language)😂 @mzjayj3

skin is clear, curls are flourishing & grades are just wonderful🤓😋➰🖤#naturallybeautiful

be ya self queen. don't let anyone tell you differently. follow your dreams, doesn't matter what anyone has to say. be positive, because that's what you want to attract. But also, be wise enough to know that there is a bad. you will reach your goals & aspirations. stay focused on what you want... not on these boys. the king that loves you will eventually come, dreams & goals is what you need to be focused on. Queen... follow ya dreams➰🖤✈️🙏🏾 #goodnight #poetry #queen #latepost #lisabonet

When you been at an Open Call all day & then, you finally Get a Call Back‼️🙏🏾💃🏾 #singer #dancer #model #blackqueen #blackgirlmagic #fun


Cover of Me'shell - Fool of Me✨ I hope you all had a good weekend. Stay focused on your dreams, it won't happen overnight. You just have to believe in yourself‼️💙 More to come... goodnight, and enjoy❣️ #Maxwell #singer #model #dancer💃

Happy Birthday to Queen Latifah‼️😭👏🏾 This Queen Taught me I am a Queen, and I shouldn't be treated any differently. U-N-I-T-Y👸🏾🤴🏾🗣 #queenlatifah #happybirthday @queenlatifah

I'm guessing this modeling thing is becoming more & more easy for me‼️😛😍 #castingcall #model #beginner #curlyhead

after I woke up... ➰✨

Issa natural glow 😋✨👸🏾 ..

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