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✧ Overcoming MS (OMS) ↞  MS blogger in recovery & healing. Plant-based + seafood. Low tox living, meditation, beach lifestyle, superfood love ∘☼☽ ☆. Sydney / Aus⇩

That earthing feeling 🌊👌🏼 #grounding #health #wellness #nature #sea #ocean #beach #beachwalks #calm

Our farmers market haul, all certified organic even with the dirt still on 🥔👌🏼#eatdirt #microbiomehealth
Tip: if you shop at your local farmers market make sure you ask the farmers/sellers if their certified organic. Anyone can rock up to a farmers market and claim to be “organic” (note can’t they claim to be certified if they don’t have a certificate) but the real certified organic farmers will have a certificate and nothing to hide, they will be happy you asked. I asked mine and he said there are a few dodgy vendors around for sure and thanked me for asking. Also certified organic fruits and veges don’t look perfect, they will have marks and dirt on them, which by the way is epic for our microbiomes 🧠 Trust your instincts! 🙌🏼✨🍎🥦🥕
A few pros to shopping at farmers markets
- more in season produce which means the nutrients you need for that time of year
- quicker from the farm to the table which means more nutrients for your healing body
- supporting local growers which means money back into your community
- less plastic
- able to chat with the farmer/grower yourself
❤️✌🏼#healing #healingMS #healingwithfood

NEW BLOG POST UP ↠ 14 Things I like to remind myself during the tough times. I’ve made a list of what I like to do and think during those times when Im having a setback, whatever it may be. All of these things help me to keep it all in perspective and stay positive, happy and motivated so I hope it helps! 🙏🏼 link in my bio. Much love! ❤️ #ebbsandflows #setbacks #challenges #toughtimes #multiplesclerosis #healingms #love #health #wellness #msblogger

My energy boost yesterday 🤸🏼‍♀️💜. I had a super chilled out weekend which is exactly what I needed. I’ve had a busy month travelling to Western aus, getting engaged, looking after my man who had the worst case of man flu 😷 then my mum came to stay, we went to dr Terry Wahls seminar and I worked in between. But I made it through it all without getting sick! 🙌🏼 except now I feel the fatigue in my bones. Being able to do it all is such a great sign of recovery 🙏🏼 yet the rest period is inevitable at some point. I also took every chance I could to rest during the busy-ness. Meditation was my saviour. So my weekend was all about R E S T & R E C H A R G E ❤️ Slow mornings, good food, little social media, reading, no house work, essential oils, no cooking, afternoon sleeps and a wholesome dinner with friends and their lil bubba 👶🏼🙏🏼. So make sure if you get caught up in busy-ness of life that you keep up with meditation and find space in your day for yourself to recharge and keep healing ✌🏼✨❤️ #yinandyang #recharging #rest #restanddigest #fatigue #chronicillness #acai #acaibowl #msrecovery #healing #wellness

Happiest of mothers days beautiful!!!! 💕💕💕 @brent.jill I LOVE YOU 😘. My mum was right by my side for 7 weeks while I was in hospital during my diagnosis. Everyday she would commute from the northern beaches to the city (which takes an hr) to be by my side. She would arrive without fail by 8am every single morning to my bed side 🙏🏼 every time I heard shoes coming down the hospital corridors I would pray it was her 🙏🏼. We cried together, we laughed, we got frustrated at each other, she stayed through all my melt downs and told me I was strong enough to get through it all 😢💪🏼. Without her unwavering love I may not be this well 🙏🏼. She is the queen of our family and she holds it down like a boss babe 💪🏼✊🏼💘💕💕💕💫 have a beautiful day Mum and keep shining your beautiful light ✨✨✨#mum #mothersday #legend #loveyou #amazing

Winter woolies & my nourishing superfood quinoa, amaranth & GF oats porridge in my @cocosoulbowls and spoon 🥄🙏🏼☀️🥝💫☺️❤️ #protein #amaranth #quinoa #glutenfree #porridge #superfoods #almondmilk #kiwi #berries #chia #almond #healthybreakfast

TIP 👉🏼 if you want beautifully naturally sweet & super tasty smoothie bowls and smoothies, ripen your bananas till all nice and spotty like this 👆🏼 then put them in the freezer 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 either whole or peel them and break them up and put in an air tight container. Then you’ll be good-to-go for all your smoothie needs. When bananas ripen till spotty they produce their own natural sugars so you may not need to add any other natural sweeteners 👌🏼✨ #banana #smoothiebowl #smoothie #smoothies #delicious #fruit

Tysabri infusion today and all is well so far 💉🌡. I had an appointment with my neurologist this morning and got my latest MRI results which were all clear, no new lesions or activity ✨🧠❤️🙌🏼 always the greatest news!! 😄 #tysabri #infusion #infusionlounge #thisisms #goodnews #hospital

Listening to my body today with lotsa rest & meditation 😑✨💕🧠 getting that #selflove time is so important. Taking care of yourself means you can take care of others 💖 #selfloveisnotselfish AND it is epic for creativity, I’m literally laying here with ideas flowing 💡🤔☺️#listentoyourbody #yinandyang #love #meditation #healing #recharging #rest #play #creativity #flowstate #ideas

Infused water goodness 🌿🍋🥒 or tea anytime ☕️ @madebyfressko_official 🙌🏼✨💛 #love #madebyfressko #tea #coffee #infusedwater

The sun going down in Western Aus while the boys fished and the girls got attacked by bird-like mosquitos #soromantic 🙈😂💛. I just wanted to share a back story on my recent Lyme blood test that I shared in my stories on Monday. I‘ve just started seeing an Integrative Dr who just so happens to be a Lyme Specialist. I wish he was an MS specialist but those are hard to find. I had my first appt with him about a month ago and he’s ordered lots of tests for me including a Lyme Test which I gave blood for on Monday. He says that MS and Lyme are very similar. To be honest I don’t feel I have Lyme and I almost didn’t show up for the test but then I thought let’s just rule it out anyway and who knows! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I am not the expert, that’s why I’m seeing him. So I went and I’m really glad I did because the scientist there told me to get tested for another virus related to MS which I did 🙏🏼. So that’s a little back story. I am going to put all of this in a blog post at some stage but wanted to wait for all the results to come back and for my 2nd appt with him. Hope you guys are having a lovely week! I’ve been working lots and looking after my man whose had man flu 🤧 and feeding him all the healthy things. But I’m super excited because my mums coming to stay this weekend and we’re going to Dr Terry Wahls Transform Your Health Tour here in Sydney this Saturday 😊🙏🏼❤️ I shall report back on how it goes. I’m sure we’ll meet lots of lovely amazing people there - can’t wait!! 🌿

Getting in all those healing whole foods. Baby spinach, boiled sweet potato 🍠, steamed broccoli 🥦 , sprouts & zoodles (zucchini noodles) with a lemon mustard dressing from a few posts back 🍋👌🏼. #wholefoods #salad #saladas #healingfoods #love #delicious #nourishing
Coconut bowls 🥥 from @cocosoulbowls

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