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Z🌐E  🕴

God gon help u Nigga help ya Self First @frenchmontana to every rhyme I write it's 45 to life @prodigymobbdeep .#YAF

Matrix Reloaded

Ya got the same fuckin flows . I Don't know Who Is Who #cultureculturecultureculture

#3thehardway👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾 start a society within Society that's #Major . Legacy legacy legacy legacy #youllseethelight

Neva changed Up I just Leveled Up ✊🏾

Last time I check them boys don't know Us . #freealltherealRightsOutThaUknoWhat

No worries 👌🏽

Pussy Power Passion . Rest In Power King #mobbforeva💂🏾 #LegendsNeverDie

A soldier who doesn't fight is useless . Free my Nigga man realbniggas do real things . This thing of 0urs. @moneywell_ent

Free the Big Whoopty man . #thisthingofours Bro showed me Unconditional get in tune for Great Ones info . @moneywell_ent

Every L was a lesson . Sometimes they being them take the temporary people places things Out your Life to Show you what's Permanent . Every L was A Lesson #Zigzagzig #wintersoldier #bloodsport #basedonatruestory that Part.

Do they dance with the Devil when they Sleep - Jada💋

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