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bbw & lifestyle :)  ✧🍂hey its abigail :) 🐻✧bathandbodyworks ✧☕️est 19’04’17♡

[ spray review ]
fc; 1551
date; 4 novvv
mood; 🤯🤯🤯

[ 🎇 ]
HEY GUYS! i reaaally want to come bacc:) and ill try my best.💘
i really missed you all:’) and sm has happened irl ahh, and i filmed twice todayy🥰i’ve lost literally all my editing skill so uhm yeah😂but hope you guys enjoy :)
approved ofc by @vidsbylux @tildasbbw katie & isa💓💗💞ilysm
#bathandbodyworks #repoststbc #wafflesbbw #tbc

[ flower vlog ]
fc; idek
date; 13 oct
mood; :)

[ 🥀 ]
heyy so today i went to this flower place thing idk lol🌿it was so pretty ahh💖 #flower #succulents #vlog #gardening #gardeningideas #fff #falltbc

[ pb liplook ]
fc; literally no idea
date; 4 oct
mood; 🤧😚😝🤯

[ 💖 ]
hey guys wow i actually posted :))💖i missed you all so much !! ik i look kinda retarded in most of this partly bc i had to put everything on 3 times lmao, also i didn’t mean to knock my phone at the end lol💫
[ disclaimer ]
idk if i’m coming bacc sorry :’(
hope u guys enjoy ilsym💖💖
approved by @vidsbylux @tildasbbw @nuggetbbw ilyy
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hey guys :): so i haven’t edited in ages and i kinda enjoy everything irl more but i don’t wanna leave etc etc so i’m gonna take a break✨thankyou for all your endless support💓and thankyou if you’ve messaged me about pip💞she was adorable and had the biggest personality bless her🌧
i’ll be back soon, ilygsm💖




[ #backtoschool ]
fc; 1550:(
date; 19 sep
mood; 😔

[ 🍪🐻🍂 ]
heyy sorry for not posting in ages .. also sorry this is gross and really late for back to school🥀and i managed to forget to put in my entire pencil case🤷🏼‍♀️approved byyy @vidsbylux @tildasbbw @nuggetsbbw 💖💖
#bathandbodyworks #tbcpositivity #sharkeyrepost #repoststbc #fff #bts #school #schoolmemes #schoolhaul #vans #falltbc

[ august faves ]
fc; 1557:(
date; 14 sep
mood; 😅😢

[ 🐹🦀🍂 ]
heyy i quite like this ahah🍳today we took pip to the vets bc she’s not gotten any better:(( we got some medicine again hopefully that will work❤️
approved by @tildasbbw @nuggetsbbw & @vidsbylux (stole ur audio hehe sorry lux💞)
#bathandbodyworks #tbcpositivity #repoststbc #sharkeyrepost #fff

[ pip insp ]
fc; uhm
date; 8 sept
mood; 🤷🏼‍♀️

[ 🍼🍨🥠 ]
heyy this is pip my hamster :)) it’s her bday soon aha🎂i hate this lmao sorry:(
approved by @nuggetsbbw @vidsbylux @tildasbbw and isa🌿ilygsm xx
#bathandbodyworks #tbcpositivity #sharkeyrepost #repoststbc #fff #hamster #pet #cute #animal

[ rainy day potd ]
fc; 1556
date; 4 sep
mood; 😐

[ ❄️💦🌊 ]
heyy i love this aww it took so long to edit oml😂100% inspired by @pocketbacdude who i miss sm:((🐞rest of cap later x
approved by ma baes @nuggetbbw @tildasbbw @vidsbylux @bbwithisa and @simply_c.l @okdarts @shorebbw @blogsbyyen💖💖💖
#bathandbodyworks #falltbc #tbcpositivity #repoststbc #sharkeyrepost #tbc_repost #fff

[ prods i brought ]
fc; 1553
date; 1st sep
mood; 🤷🏼‍♀️

[ 💙🌎🚙 ]
heyy i really like the end of this lol🚕sorry for not posting for 5 days oops:(
my hamster is ill :((🍼 but i get to see her in 2 days :)))🐞bless xxx
approved by my baes @tildasbbw @vidsbylux @nuggetbbw (katie got logged out of @nuggetsbbw😔) and @bbwithisa even though she’s left:( 💖💖also @shorebbw @bbwithniamh lolol
#bathandbodyworks #sharkeyrepost #tbc_repost #tbcpositivity #repoststbc #fff

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