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Everyone who reads this plz do it!! Recently a clanmate of mine Static Monti had made a channel. Plz like and subscribe to show some support. If you enjoy it on the comment section of the video comment "YEET" so I know you care

Double tap on the one you like SVG Or Locus

Static is a gaming group mostly bo3 because our members have it but there is also MW remastered and IW (have a Xbox and also like the photo to show you appreciate and you might join

Just got DLC and it is amazing (bo3)

Static Tryouts are soon. Like and comment what you username is and on the post if you would like to join. Also Static is a gaming group that we have. We recommend you have Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 because that's what we will have tryouts on. I'll make another post to tell you what day it is on but right now we don't know so start practicing. (Xbox one is required)

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