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The Starwars Universe  A long time ago In a galaxy far far away...


Currently in canon there are 6 characters that have said the phrase “Karabast”. Do you know all 6?
#starwars #starwarsrebels
Four of the six are from Rebels.

Your favorite Wookiee 🐻 now keeping your feet warm!
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Link in bio.

Jedha was so cool, loved it! Now it’s more or less just a burnt rock.
#starwars #rogueone

The one and only.
Source: The Phantom Menace (movie)
The Phantom Menace Novelization (novel)

The legend himself.
What is your favourite Luke Skywalker moment?

All for tonight✌️
Source: Star Wars a Visual Dictionary (book)

Say what you will, loved the Canto Bight scenes in The Last Jedi 💁
Source: DJ Most Wanted issue #1 (Marvel Comics)

The dude wanted to murder younglings far before Revenge of the Sith.
Source: Obi Wan and Anakin issue #1 (Marvel Comics)

Long weekend ahead🤙
Source: Twilight Company (novel)

Remember Clone Wars Adventures, the computer game?
Source: Star Wars the Clone Wars (TV Show)

Morning :)

Thought it was an appropriate post for today.
#starwars #valentinesday
Source: Nightlily: The Lovers Tale (short story)

Worded stupidly the first time. A little more info would’ve helped.
Source: Rogue One Catalyst (novel)

✅A note to those who’ve read the Legends novel Death Troopers: The book is Legends. All characters and events that took place in the books are legends. Nothing of the book remains true except for the fact that there are Death Troopers. Project Black Wing isn’t canon, not yet anyway.
Source: Star Wars Commander (mobile game)
Yes the game is canon, if you don’t believe it, google it.

Lando and Lobot also led a militia to free Cloud City💁
Source: Aftermath: Empires End (novel)

Did you know this neat Easter egg?
B-B-Q Droid.

If you read the comics... you’ll get it.
Source: Darth Vader (Marvel Comics)
New content is up on the site! Big week for Star Wars this week so make sure you know it all! Hit the link in my bio to see the latest!

I think Rogue One is still underrated honestly. Really enjoyed the direction it went with the Rebellion and the war.
#starwars #rogueone
Source: Starwars.com
Rogue One Visual Dictionary(book)

Not too much a fan of the concept of these guys, what about you?
#starwars #thelastjedi
Source: Starwars.com
The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary (book)

Too bad we missed the 3PO and R2 interaction in The Last Jedi.
#starwars #thelastjedi
Source: C3PO (Marvel Comics)

Was probably missing Anakin and Ahsoka. •
I know people are gonna say it, R2D2 did NOT get a memory wipe in Revenge of the Sith. Only Threepio did. Re watch it if you don’t believe it.
#starwars #theforceawakens
Source: The Force Awakens Novelization (book)

Sith Marauder added to Galaxy of Heroes✅
#starwars #legends

But how did Snoke come to know so much about him🤔so much we don’t know.
#starwars #thelastjedi
Source: Art of The Last Jedi (book)
The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary (book)

Lots and lots of Legends characters just kickin around these days.

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