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My guys. Clive chilling out now after some fun times at the vet and drugs. Ders just always close by.

Sorry for all the selfies, but I'm trying to post more pictures of myself so that I can get my self confidence up, been stuck in this long rut where I've felt like shite as far as style goes. Working from home is great, but it really can suck out the fun of the personality that you put forward with your self expression with clothes. I feel like if I see more of me where I feel I look good, then I can remember to like that image, shape, style, etc. On that note, should I put subtle dark magenta and purple streaks in the front panel of hair? Not bleaching out the base but tinting over it, so it's toned down.

Texture is my jam.

Went back to my old elementary school that I went to in kindergarten and grade one. It had been expanded, but this brick wall is what remains and is an homage to the previous building. Although the lay out is pretty much the same.

Todays look brought to by 2008 Holly.


I made dis. Completely keto friendly peanut butter cheesecake with dark chocolate ganache topped with sugar free peanut butter cups and peanut brittle. It took me 2 days but so worth it!! #keto #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #valentines #treat #peanutbutter #cheesecake #imadedis

Tea life everyday.

@theoneandonlybifnaked I will always cherish the numerous times I saw you live!