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SSC Emily Socolinsky and the team at @fivex3 close out another successful strongwoman charity event, raising over $20k for The Ulman House in memory of her sister Charlotte. Hats off to all of those that donated and all the strong ladies that competed this weekend.
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This is why the Charm City Contest is so important to me. Received this email tonight by one of our competitors who is a colon cancer survivor. This was her first contest. She wasn’t even going to do it but after training with her coach, she decided to go for it. And I am so glad she did. As Maeve said during her talk about Ulman and Charlotte, “Charlotte never walked up hills. She ran them.” For all of you, this contest is your hill. ❤️ #fivex3 #startingstrength #startingstrengthgym #charmcitystrongwoman2018 #strongwomen #cancersurvivor #ulmancancerfund #fuckcancer #stronginbaltimore #neverwalkuphills

Congrats to SSC Cassi Niemann @cassi.niemann for taking first in her weight class at this past weekend’s Charm City Strongwoman competition. She did a bunch of deadlifts, threw some sandbags, and pressed a mess of weight on her march to the top spot.
The competition is put on every year by Starting Strength Gym @fivex3 to raise money for The Ulman Cancer Fund.
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First event: deadlifts for time. It was 245 pounds and we had one minute to do as many reps as possible. I believe I tied with someone else for the most reps in my class! #isthiscardio #startingstrongwoman #charmcitystrongwoman #deadliftface #theburn #startingstrength #stillreseteverytime #nobouncingallowed #howboutthemshoes #deadliftshoesbymom

Happy Monday.
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SSOC client Steve squats with his biggest supporter watching closely! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Steve runs a semi-private facility at his home in Utah called Round Rock Garage. Steve is coached by SSC & SSOC Staff Coach, @troup_a_loop.
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Let’s talk about “The 3 C’s” and if you can use any or all of them. That’s right: Camps, Competitions, and Cseminars. The 3 C’s ensure there’s something for everyone on the schedule, with more to come.
Just added more camps in North Carolina, Atlanta, and New York.
Check out the link in our profile for details and registration.
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Does a focus on strength training help in combat sports? Julia “Raging Panda” Avila thinks so. She came to the seminar last weekend to hone her technique and continue getting strong as hell.
Keep an eye on this young lady. We hope for nothing but great things as she advances her fighting career.
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In my short career as a fighter (8 fights total; ammy & pro). I have 4 TKOs, why???? Because I’m #strong as 💩. I’m still really #novice as an #athlete so I’m really excited for what the future holds. #Repost @coachnikolai with @get_repost
@ragingpandamma squatting 225 for fahves at last weekend’s @startingstrength seminar.
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The Wolf with a few words on just getting it done.
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An important but rarely discussed aspect of technique is the idea to spend as much time as you need setting up and preparing for the lift *but not a second longer.* We see this in the squat and press when lifters unrack the bar and just stand there fiddling or wiggling around for 10, 15, even 20 seconds. All this does is make you both fatigued from holding the weight and prone to paralysis by analysis sitting there thinking of the 147 cues you memorized about how to do the lift correctly.

I see it a lot in the deadlift where the lifter puts her hands on the bar and then stays down there, not lifting it, for a loooong time. Not only is that not a resting position but again, you kill your self with over-analysis and then the lift actually ends up worse and the key cues not implemented.

Notice how I take each step deliberately and purposefully but don’t linger, ESPECIALLY after setting my stance in the right place in step 1. There’s about five seconds between first getting my grip on the bar and initiating the pull, no longer than needed to do all the steps in between correctly. Instead of thinking of 800 cues, I have my two key cues in mind (for me these are “big full squeeze” and “push the floor away”), and then I go. No fuss, no muss, and no extra mental OR physical energy expended doing something other than lifting the weight.
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A year ago Jon experienced a freak occurrence that caused the spinous process of his C4 vertebrae to break off and push the disc into his spinal cord. He was left with total loss of motor function below C5.
ACDF surgery was successful in relieving the pressure against the spinal cord, and 3 weeks after his accident he is here walking with assistance and no feeling below his waist.
Jon would not be deterred. 8 weeks after the procedure he was cleared to strength train. He started his LP at bodyweight with the goal being to just not fall over, then moving to an empty bar, and eventually starting to add 5lbs.
He persevered and a year later here he is competing in the WFAC Strengthlifting Meet this past Sept. 1.
Congrats on your recovery and progress Jon! And making yourself harder to kill.
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What a difference a year makes. @startingstrength @matthew_el.em @jarrod_startingstrengthcoach @lukesbarbellclub @sherwoodab

Lots of lifting and leaning on things at this past weekend’s seminar at WFAC.
Seattle, known for its sunny weather, is up next!
📸 credit: @coachnikolai .
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Sneak peek at Tuesday’s podcast episode.
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Podcasting with @dr.davidpuder on Strength and mental health. Check out the episode on Tuesday. #startingstrength

Back to school means back to work under the bar for the young athletes at Westminster S&C.
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Busy day after the first day of school and under a bar at 7pm. We have some hard working young adults at the gym. #westminsterstrengthandconditioning #gymnastics #gymnast #girlswhopowerlift #startingstrengthgym #startingstrength

SSC Mike Burgos shows how modifications can be made to accommodate folks that may not be able to perfectly perform the squat from the start.
It’s not uncommon to have to modify the movement for a lifter and our coaches have done it countless times. We can approximate the movement within the limits of the trainee’s ability, and work to slowly progress it toward something that looks more like the model over time.
@robb_dubb continues his strength journey!
Rob has some shoulder stiffness that we are working out with slowly lowering his bar position over time. The high- or “mid”-bar squat is a useful variant in this case.
However, chronic knee pain is a major concern for Rob. The high bar squat places a bit more moment on the knee at the bottom position, so we are doing some box squats at a tolerable range-of-motion and slowly lowering that over time too.
A day where he squats to full depth, in the low bar position, with no knee pain...coming soon to a Rob near you.
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