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Starting Strength  Developing strength through the basic barbell exercises. Books, seminars, articles, and coaching. #startingstrength

It’s gonna be May! Looking for something to do next month? Here’s what’s going on with meets, seminars, and training camps.
Follow the link in our profile for registration info and details.
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Impingement and the press. Selected excerpts from Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 3rd ed.
“An injury usually attributed to the press is the situation called shoulder impingement. Folks advise against using the press because of the supposed tendency of the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles to become trapped between the head of the humerus and the bony projections on the scapula - the coracoid and acromion processes.
This dogma ignores the anatomical facts about a properly performed press. The scapula is attached to the rest of the shoulder girdle at only one point, the clavicle at the AC joint. Except for the acromioclavicular ligament, the scapula essentially “floats” freely through its range of motion in a sheath of fascia and muscle, so that its position can change relative to all the other structures of the back and humerus.
When you press overhead, you finish the movement by shrugging your shoulders up toward the bar. This motion engages the trapezius muscles that connect the spinous processes of the vertebral segments in the neck and upper back to the scapulas, and this actively reinforces the traps’ support for the shoulders and the bar. In effect, the bar is supported overhead by the locked-in-line arms, the scapulas hold up the arms, and the traps hold up the scapulas, so the shrugged traps actively support the weight of the bar. When the traps contract, they pull the scapulas together at the top so that they rotate medially, and the shrug pulls them upward. This motion points the glenoid cavity upward to directly support the humerus from below, and pulls the acromion and coracoid processes away from the humerus.
The claim that presses impinge the shoulder is therefore not correct. Pressing incorrectly is not the same thing as pressing - you don’t get to redefine the exercise and then claim that it’s dangerous.”
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Congrats to SSC Matt Bickford @emteeb2032 for taking the top spot at this past weekend’s US Strengthlifting @usstrengthlifting meet in Oakland, CA. Swipe to see his 250kg 3rd attempt.
With this win under his belt, please direct all sponsorship inquiries to his manager @kb.lifts Beard oil companies and IPA brewers to the front of the line.
#Repost @emteeb2032
MEET RECAP, YO!! I had an okay meet and went 7/9 with 250/100/270. The squat went really well. I’ve been taking it easy to allow some hip pain dissipate. It was maybe the fastest I’ve moved 250/550 which is neat. Presses were “fahne”. DL’s were poop. I missed 285 below the knee. The weight felt light but I was honestly out of gas. I had to take the whole week off from lifting before the meet because of a non-lifting injury - not recommended. Side bar, you don’t need a crazy long meet peak and your training should still have plenty of volume even a week or two out. You want to have solid work capacity on game day. Anyway, the meet was great and @tomcampitelli IS NUMERO UNO.

#Repost @harifafutis @tavrosfuerza
Ven a conocernos, nuestro programa es para todas las edades. Pregunta por nuestras promociones. ———————————————————
Los invito a que conozcan mi gimnasio! Somos los únicos en ofrecer un programa integral para la salud y acondicionamiento físico; el método @startingstrength. A través de la ejecución correcta de levantamientos básicos como sentadillas o pesos muertos puedes desarrollar tus atributos físicos de manera segura, eficiente y efectiva. Ven y pruébate una semana sin costo alguno.
SSC Hari Fafutis is opening a training facility outside of Guadalajara, Mexico.
We wish him all the best in this new venture!

A few more shots from this past weekend’s Starting Strength seminar in Woodmere, NY.
Want to learn what the wrench is for? Follow the link in our profile for a current list of seminars and training camps.
Photos: @coachnikolai
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This is Marsha. She has cerebral palsy and has been lifting with her coaches @mariekunkel and Nicholas Racculia at @ironcityathleticclub for about 18 months.
She had a huge PR on her deadlift today at 155lbs during the Squats for Tots charity event. Marsha used to be so terrified she wouldn't even let Marie tell her the weight on the bar most workouts. Now she embraces the challenges and stands so much taller. She works at a bakery and has reported that all her aches and pains from the job have completely gone.
Marsha says she will never, ever stop lifting. It gives her some independence and control in her life. Her lifts are hers alone. I can't lift the weight for her and it's not an empty participation prize.
And she just has the biggest heart. Even though she has a speech impediment she raised $400 for the meet in sponsorships - all in $1 $5 dollar bills. Marie feels so privileged and honored to have her as a friend and lifter.
Squats for Tots 2.0 is an event put on by Iron City Athletic Club to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This year they raised over $7300.

George, Rebecca, Chris, Bien, and Kevin learning the Press 2.0 and having some fun in the process, at this weekend’s seminar at @barbellclubwfc in Lawng Oiland. #pressesforthedresses #startingstrength

The Starting Strength Seminar is underway in Woodmere, NY at @barbellclubwfc this weekend.
We’ll be back here in August. For the upcoming schedule, head over to
Thanks to SSC @innakoppel for hosting and snapping these pics.

Video up. Setting up and squatting with thoracic flexion can affect your overall squat form, and can be tough to correct if it’s allowed to persist.
For some lifters scapular retraction (pulling the shoulder blades together) is confused for thoracic extension (contracting the spinal erectors along the upper back that cause the chest to lift), and hopefully this video will clarify.
SSC Jayson Ball @jaysonballyoga has made a 2 minute video explaining how to set the thoracic spine in extension and what it should look like.
Link to full video in our profile.
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➡️ Events update. New seminar and the Austin Squat Camp date has changed.
For registration or more details, follow the link in our profile.
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#tiptuesday on Wednesday. The use of a belt from Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 3rd Edition
“A belt protects the spine by increasing the amount of pressure that can be applied to it by the muscles that support it. The belt itself reinforces the “cylinder” of the ab muscles around the spine by providing “hoop tension” against which to push with your abs. At the same time, the belt acts as a proprioceptive cue for a harder abdominal contraction: you can actually squeeze harder with a belt on than you can without one, just as you can push harder against a loaded barbell than you can against a broomstick. This effect ultimately produces stronger abs, due to the stronger isometric contraction facilitated by the belt…
Using the belt correctly is a matter of practice. Put it on around your natural waist (higher than you wear your pants) at a comfortable tightness, take your squat stance, and squat down into the bottom position. If it’s not too wide, the belt will adjust to the position it wants to settle into, the place where it functions most effectively, and it will have done so before the weight is a factor. Stand back up and tighten the belt to the point at which it adds a little pressure to the gut.
The right amount of tightness is a matter of individual preference… It is quite possible to have a belt on too tight…and you will be less able to exert pressure with your own abdominal musculature, since it must be contracted to actually generate force.
Contrary to the new conventional wisdom regarding this, the belt will not prevent your trunk from getting and staying strong. It’s not as if your trunk muscles go to sleep when you put on your belt. What actually happens is that the abs contract harder against the external resistance provided by the belt than they can without it…”

Dallas/Fort Worth - April 29th SSC’s Nick Delgadillo and Pete Troupos are holding a deadlift/power clean training camp in Arlington.
Whether you’re brand new to the lifts or simply need a tune-up, training camps are a great option.
This camp is capped at 12 but there’s still a couple spots left.
Registration link in our profile.
Photo: @maggiemassage
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