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lisamarie !!  you come to my house you bring toilet paper

Everyone's favorite safe kid. Love this boy and his voice actor vvvv much 😛🤙


This made me uncontrollably happy

No other point to this video except to invite in new followers I suppose
this is what you're getting on my account and this is me you're welcome hi

I could not be more excited !! HO L Y LOOK AT THEM
There's a new edition of the book coming out on 9/15/17 !!! It's for Star's birthday that is so cute

I've been drawing more digitally lately but I go back to school soon, so I will probably go back to more traditional since I doodle so much at school oopsiESSS but for now have a doodle dump

THANK YOU @luisgvn he's so great he sent this to me and my body hit the floor I can't compute Adam is the best thing I swear

Honestly adore this show so much for words and it's crew on top of everything?? It's so great and makes me hella happy, without this show I wouldn't have met half of my amazing friends and met Adam and I am a very lucky gal tbh

I love my little shining Star
I've been drawing a lot digitally so enjoy this qt

it's so windy outside and I'm Marco-ing up right now don't test me
also what's the weather where you're at right now like I genuinely want to know aaaah

Mess Up Twins™ !!! have some Star and Marco because I love them a lot

me @ that whole entire live stream

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