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lisamarie r. !!  I mean I’m no Picasso but you know | 17 ✨

Happy Mothers Day guys! Have the card I made for my mama 💕

Met Diego, Lil Xan, on Friday and it was honestly so surreal. He’s so sweet and humble and like woah, I printed this out and gave it to him and he called me dope, and likeeee if you could tag him, it would mean the world to me not gonna lie 🤧💞 @xanxiety

Star and Marco kissed on my birthday, I think that’s pretty iconic.

I’m a magicalllll princessseskskskfks

I promised myself I wouldn’t take it out of the package but I just had to hold it I’m so happy
Also thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes!! I love you all so much thank thank thank you


Look !!! At these rad pins!! Oh my god

He?? Signed it?? With his own?? Hand and pen?? I’m I can’t I’m shaking too much to even pick it up out of the box

I’m shaking I can’t do thsi I’m crying Adam if you see this you shouldn’t have done this oh my god I don’t deserve this I’m

It’s my birthday today and my mom gave me this package I’m so confused and I see his name and I’m about to have a stroke
It’s Adam oh my godsnad I got a package from Adam ?? Wha tnt dcnw


Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately guys!! Been super busy with school n such, but have some doodles of my favorite bad girl, Val, I haven’t forgotten about her I promise I love her vvvv much💜

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