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LaNēah Tanea ⭐️  BIRTHDAY GIRL® lifestyle brand Founder 🦄 Grammy award winning Writer 📝 Film Creator 🎬 Enjoying the view from the palm of God's hand 👑

Say less... DO MORE. #THEW #Patriots 🤷🏽‍♀️

Same team... different year. As daddy says “We not new to this, we used to this” 😆🏈#GoPatriots #SuperBowl2019 #GOAT 🐐

Just a little reminder ... STILL HERE 🏈🙌🏽 #WetheBest #PatriotsNation #theirfacessumupmyMOOD @gronk @tombrady @patriots

Looking back with gratitude and looking forward with faith. But in this moment, never been so fulfilled. ❤️ #PalaceLookLikeBuckinghamForReal

I LOVE being a lot of things in this life... and your baby sister is on that list! 💛

Emanating the pure energy of Love & Joy from my heart chakra has been the key ✨🔑✨ #BlessedandHighlyFavored #Somanythingstosmileabout

#Mood when they tried to throw salt on your name, but all they did was season your sauce 🤣 #thisismyforevermood #PunchlinebyFab #Thiskidiseverything

Candid 😎👻

How I feel after knocking out multiple dope conference calls in a row 🙌🏽🙏🏽🤗 Sheeeeeeeeesh... just wait on what’s next 😅🤓🤩🤫🎬 #CurrentMood 💫

Spa time! 🐣 Took me a while to realize that healing is an inside job. Some of my best practices are: meditation, music, massage therapy, reiki and working out. When my energy is off... I stop everything and dedicate to some filter free “me time”. It works 💛🙏🏽
Be sure to see Ariana at the Mandarin! Tell her I sent you, for perks 🤗 She’s an amazing reiki and sports massage therapist. She also takes cute candids 📸😆🙌🏽

Living our best lives and #flourishing 🤣🦋🌸 I finally entered the butterfly stage of life and oh how I’m enjoying the view from up here! I have love, family, friendships and unforgettable moments alongside epic souls. I’m grateful and humbled. Living my dream would be an understatement on so many levels 🛸👁🤫😇

📸: Congratulations again on your many gifts from heaven @dr_tiff_ ❤️So excited to be a part of this chapter.

Being an advocate in the mental health world for 10+ years, this is a HUGE milestone. Today. We celebrate a huge step in the right direction!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #MentalHealth #SuicidePrevention #GreatJobNYC 👊🏽

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