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Amber Spencer 

She composed her own music and changed into her fanciest dress to put on a performance for us. šŸ‘šŸ™ŒšŸ‘šŸ™Œ

Lol.... this is the only pic I ended up with the majority of the kids facing forward with eyes open. We had so much fun hanging with new and old friends!!!

And today the girls wore their matching skirts her friend's mommy made them. Specs and all! Super cute!

JFaye and her galentine best friend sorting through their valentine boxes yesterday. ā¤ā¤

My son has a beautiful way with words. My favorite part of his valentine poem tribute about me... "My mom is as smart as a nerd... a smart nerd." I'm truly touched.

Outside the classroom, the preschoolers each listed a thing they liked. Johnnie's is second to last. "I like Tyson." It made my heart smile.

This kid earned his #webelo today. ;)

I've always heard not to start your tomato seeds until Valentines, but I'm starting these I saved from tomatoes we grew this summer. Fingers crossed they grow!

Little miss left Bubba a note on his locker for when he gets home. The two of them, her traced handprint, and a heart.

Less is not more when it comes to my girl decorating her trike. She has almost every inch covered with stars. #stjude #trikeathon

Pedaling for #stjude #trikeathon