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My first attempt at #cloudeggs with salsa. Not the prettiest, but it sure is delish!

Today my little miss and I shopped at a nursery we hadn't been to before, and I highly recommend you visit it if you are in the area. Chaparral Succulents has a variety of cacti, succulents and xeriscape perennials. She carries around 60 varieties of schick hybrid #echinopsis. They bloom all summer and are gorgeous. I bought the two pictured. Worth visiting!

Little man's Wax Museum presentation today was pretty cool. (He's Stephen F. Austin.) Each fourth grader stands around the museum in character and tells visitors about his or her life. I had never heard of the kids doing it but have seen other parents from other schools post theirs. Pretty fun gig.

Planted in my herb wheel today. 🐝 🦋 #foodnotlawns #permaculture

Maybe a full day of sun and soccer wasn't my first choice for Mother's Day, but I did love when the boys on our team walked roses out to us moms. Nice save, boys. 😘

Going to skip the line at home and just hit it up while we're in town.


Oh my goodness, I found these beginning programming books for babies at Barnes. The color pop up for web colors is my fave. I bought two for my little. Embarrassingly, these are about my level.

Her first dress up ballet recital. All of the kids did so well. I don't know that there is anything as adorable as toddlers in tutus.

Little Miss pulled a fast one and ran over to try to do the monkey bars all by herself without me noticing. I walked around to find her hanging here, not admitting that she needed my help until her arms started to give. "Oh, alright.... You can help me."

The girls quit laying eggs in the big coop which has five nesting boxes and all decided to lay in the tiny rabbit hutch we removed from the garden. I don't know what that's all about, but whatevs. #backyardhens

The hens have started laying more now that we have good weather. It's fun to open the coop and find blue, red, green and white eggs. Tonight we made egg salad sandwiches, which sounds gross, I know. But they were really good, and 9 year old approved! I used 8 hard boiled eggs, two avocados, lime juice, green onions and seasonings, and I squished them so they couldn't even tell there were any eggs in them. No mayo. My daughter was the only one who wouldn't eat them because they were green. But little man devoured them!

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