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everything so still and quiet except us (ignore us)

I made it in time to see Pierrot Le Fou at the arts cinema yesterday but when I got there it wasn't a Godard film but an old b&w Japanese film. it turns out I had my dates mixed up and Godard is screening next weekend and I was watching a 1950s film called Floating Clouds with no English subtitles lol. I watched for a while but eventually left Bc I wasn't entirely clear what was going on. and TIL to be more careful with dates when dealing with other, bigger obstacles (language). this story has nothing to do with this photo, just some pretty trash I saw


for chuseok (korea's thanksgiving ish) I planned a big hike and 5 days in Seoul. the hike destroyed my calves since we ran out of daylight and literally ran down the mountain and now I swear I look like a 100 year old lady going down the long subway staircases--even the old ladies are wishing I'd move. Poor planning on my part. 10/10 views halfway up tho!

super happy about what I accomplished with this girl today. seoraksan mountain is so beautiful and a vvvv difficult climb. I wasn't even mad that we couldn't see anything from the top bc we were in the clouds.

a kinda boring video I made of a peaceful time at Yangdong Village. it's a 500-year-old folk village in my city and the largest in Korea with loads of thatched-roof cottages and old homes scattered around. the weather was moody, but I loved the village and the surrounding mountains.

she's a babe and it's her birthday. happy day to you, MY dongsaeng @lip_skin. tonight she went one extra lap on the go carts (5 instead of 4) and the workers started chucking tires at us. I had to swat them away from my head and we were chased away as they screamed Korean obscenities at us

apt mostly packed/art book mostly finished/books mostly read/bangs mostly trimmed. just over a month left in Korea and feeling good about pretty much everything. but mostly happy about the upcoming 7 day holiday✌🏼

ping pong clouds

my legs and spirit dwindled during this hike but @itslaurameek kept me going and took cool pictures along the way. one year ago in Glencoe. missing my friend and rural Scotland 💚

my favorite people are the ones who are equally as weird as me. these two are way weirder. jk, kinda. safe travels and I can't wait to see you two again in England for your super secret elopement party. and to the friend who commented on my roots, I'll fix them soon. jk again, idgaf, but thanks for your input. I'm just happy to see my hair growing. 😎

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