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Ellie & Jade 👯🇰🇷

just said goodbye to these crazy kids😭 I was so glad to show them around my city. we had a Nordic lunch and a nice walk around the ancient tombs of the kings. cant believe they came to Gyeongju.❤

when four Arkansas friends randomly pop into Korea, book you a hostel bed, gift you a shirt (with our state flag, some Korean hangul, and their faces on it lol) and then party with all of your new pals at an Irish pub all's sure to be a good time. I showed them all over Busan and perhaps had them convinced I knew what I was doing (I mostly don't ). Raccoon cafe for the win!🐾

a baby piece of the big picture that is Gamcheon Cultural Village aka a v v cool place


Gyeongju, full of cherry blossoms and abandoned seats

he's delicate

holi hai from the sky

before. we don't talk about the after.

scotland, aye

bananas in my oatmeal, doodles with my watercolors, and a bunch of silly gifts for my friends back home. a messy coffee table for sure


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