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Star White  Messy mama stuff here. Fiber stuff @wellfibre


10 minute morning car nap means no afternoon nap for this boy...so we cuddle. #wallaceharold #16months

I put these expectations up as a visual tool to help my daughter in the times of her elevated emotions, but they are just as much for me, too. Remaining kind and respectful when responding to meltdowns, whew, it's a challenge. But I'm determined to have a home culture based around the attributes of Christ and I need all the reminders I can get!

When friends come visit you...you get coffee and chocolate and room service and pedicures and celebrate allll weekend. Happy birthday Lori Beth!

Last night was one of those nights I will always remember and treasure. I watched my 90 year old grandmother, who raised 10 children, perform every piece of music she has written (I live-streamed it, too). She is not only a musician but also a poet and all of her songs have words. She wrote one piece called 'Mother Mine' in honor of her mother who died 55 years ago. I had never truly studied the words until last night and thought I would share them here. They mean so much to me as I have lately been thinking about the legacy I want to leave with my children (probably due to reading Little Women and weeping over all of Marmee's words). I only pray my little ones remember my faith, my deeds, my constant love, as my grandmother recounts here of her mother. I am spurred on today to be a fiercely faithful and present mother, as those before me have done. 'Mother Mine'

Mother dear, you're always near
Though we are far apart
But my dear Mother dear, you're always near to guide my stumbling heart.
You gave me life, showed me God, taught me how to live.
Now you still guide my life, guard my God, lead me in my search
To win heaven's grace, I'll see your face there mother, dear!
Mother, you help me, Mother, you help me,
Ever when I need you. You are close by me,
You are beside me, your love is constant, true.
Mother mine, your faith divine is all you left to me.
But my dear mother mine, your deeds still shine, and show me how to see...
The Dutiful, Beautiful, You so fully knew.
My life is Peaceable, Increaseable, Releasable to God.
I seek a star to where you are,
Dear mother mine, dear mother mine!

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalms‬ ‭73:26‬ ‭
☕️ Reheated coffee 🕯Candle lit 📖 Bible open
Ready for some refreshment while the babies nap bc this momming business requires more drive, determination, planning, strategy, grace, patience, creativity, and strength than any other role I've had. There are so many times I fail at my parenting role and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. But my role does not define me. My identity does. And that is something so secure that no matter how many tantrums I face in one given morning, or the amount of snotty noses I wipe, or how many times I regretfully raise my voice...my identity in Christ never fails or waivers. My feet are firmly planted on that today. My heart comforted. My soul restored. My resolve strengthened. My foggy mind cleared. I am His. He sees the mundane tasks that make up my life and just asks me to be faithful in them. Faithful in the beautiful and challenging role before me.
Everyone seems in a rush to get to Christmas this year, but I'm not ready yet. I'm soaking in this season of gratitude of thanks. This sinner of a mom has heaps and heaps to praise Him for.

It's a miracle she and I survived this week, so we are celebrating with a fort. ☺️#floradaybyday

Has anyone seen my son? I can't seem to find him anywhere...😉 #wallaceharold #16months

Fresh fall flowers from my man...bc the three year old year, y'all. #willwesurvive #soooomanymeltdowns #highlysensitivechild #highlysensitivemama

Cuddles since she won't nap anymore. 💓😭#floradaybyday

Growing up SO fast but clinging to those baby cheeks. 💓 #wallaceharold #16months

We celebrated the life of Daniel's Aunt Kathy this last weekend. She was a faithful follower of Christ and her testimony has been ringing in my ears for days. Though her life ended much more quickly than expected, she was encouraging others and laughing up until the very end. Giving thanks, celebrating others, showing grace...these are the things I want to focus on this season. The things I want to emphasize in my home. We started a 'giving thanks' list at the beginning of the month and have been taking time to pray a prayer of gratitude as a family as we add to the growing list. It's a small tradition I want to implement in the month of November to help us slow down and give thought to the incredible abundance around us. To the incredible examples of faith in our family. I embarrassingly asked to take that philodendron home from Kathy's funeral. A small visible reminder to me each day of the life of faith and laughter she lived. 💛

A sweet morning at home as we settle back in after a few weeks of travel. I'm always inspired by new cities and new sites but there is nothing like the comforts of familiar faces and sleeping in my own bed. I'm trying to process all the things God has spoken to me these last weeks and how to insert the goodness into everyday life. It's a slow and sweet and, to be honest, a somewhat painful process. Stepping away from your normal routine has this amazing way of shedding light on the good and also the areas of darkness.

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