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Starkey Hearing Foundation  Official Instagram of Starkey Hearing Foundation - We use hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring around the world.


"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." -Abraham Lincoln #PresidentsDay #StarkeyCares #Ethopia

Maina Tanghwa had a mastoidectomy on her left ear in 2015 after years of chronic ear infections. Communication was her biggest problem. She is completely deaf in her left ear and has severe hearing loss in her right ear. Before being fit with her new hearing aids in Vanuatu, she was unable to talk to her family, but now she speaks regularly with her children on the phone and is very happy to be reconnected with them. #StarkeyCares #Vanuatu #AftercareSuccess

As we always say, the sun never sets on #StarkeyCares. We love this update from the Dominican Republic. The team worked well into the evening after starting early in the morning to serve over 75 patients.

Kampi Rose is 19 years old and due to her hearing loss is unable to speak. She was fit with hearing aids in October and is very happy that she can now hear the sounds in her community and reconnect with those around her. #StarkeyCares #AftercareSuccess

The best way to show someone you care this #ValentinesDay is by telling them. Thanks to our incredible team, thousands of people around the world will be able to hear their family members say, "I love you."

How many cities did we serve in 2017? An incredible 271! We could not be in this many places without the hard work and dedication of our in-country coordinators and team members. We cannot wait to see what 2018 brings! #StarkeyCares #SunNeverSets #GiveBack

Nakayenga Teopista, age 6, was fit with hearing aids in October of last year. Her mother came to our aftercare team with Nakayenga's report card to share her joy at how much her she has improved! #StarkeyCares

Employee Spotlight: Ravi, assistant Starkey Hearing Foundation aftercare coordinator in west India

What made you want to work with Starkey Hearing Foundation?
- The idea of “Alone we cant do much, but together we can change the world," and how the organization made that ideal a reality.

Why do you enjoy about your job?
- The kind of work and service we provide to the patients is a life-changing idea. Meeting people and able to help them to bring out smile on their face is the best thing.

What is one memorable experience you’ve had with the foundation?
- The best time was in Cochin for the training of the Indian community-based hearing heath care program, which was organized in 2016. That training session was the core of my performance and I got to learn more and more from the team about the process, care and ideas of the foundation. Just beautiful. Fortunately, I also won the first price in that training camp also was the best memory of me with foundation!
#StarkeyCares #India

If you ask us, it's impossible not to smile while watching this video! #Smile #FridayFeeling

"Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful." -Thich Nhat Hanh

We are so thankful to DeAnne Pacheco for sharing her experience traveling on a mission with us. Read in her own words, DeAnne's experience. "I had the honor of serving in a Starkey mission with the most amazingly dedicated, hard-working people. We completed four mission days in three cities where we fit nearly 2000 children and adults. I was first struck by the grand scale of the operation but more amazed of how well executed every step was performed. I was part of phase 2 where we, as volunteers, go into the mission location with Tani and her team to fit our patients with their hearing aids and custom molds. They are also provided with batteries, counseled on how to properly use and care for their devices and what to expect in phase 3. This has been so much more than an opportunity to give back by offering my time and skills but it was a gift to me that I will treasure forever and one that has impacted my life in the most meaningful way. My heart has never been so full of love and joy. I left Bolivia and Peru with a sense of true accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness. I’m addicted and can’t wait to serve

It’s two very special people’s birthday today - @aplusk and @garthbrooks! Both of these men are committed to making the world a better place. Wishing you both an amazing day!

Nankone Watifa is 16 years old and became deaf as a result quinine at the age of 6. Her father says they did their best but nothing helped her until May 2015 when she was fit with Starkey hearing aids. Her speech has now improved immensely and she is interacting with other students at school. #GivingBack #Philanthropy #StarkeyCares

Did anyone else notice that while celebrating his team's victory, @philadelphiaeagles quarterback Nick Foles made sure to protect his daughter's hearing? Congratulations to the Eagles on their historic win!
Photo by @sfgate
#SuperBowl #ListenCarefully

‪Happy birthday to our good friend @alicecooper! We have had many great memories with you throughout the years and wish you all the best. ‬

Happy birthday to @vikings star @harrismith22! You are incredible both on and off the field.

Talk about teamwork. When we were in Cusco, Peru and the rain rolled in, the team and volunteers jumped to action, working together to move all of our equipment and patients inside so we could continue to serve them, rain or shine!

Liketso Griffiths is 17 years old and attends school at Mount Royal High School in Leribe. She lives in a boarding facility while at school but goes home in Maseru during holidays. When she is in Maseru, she has access to after care at two different Starkey service centers. Her beautiful smile always brightens our team's day!

This video was taken in India during phase 4. The #children were fit with hearing aids and with the support of #teachers and #parents working together they will continue to grow and #learn.

These are just two of the 300 beautiful faces we had the pleasure of serving in Peru this week. So the world may hear!

Tran Van Anh Tuan's family found out his hearing loss when he was 2 years old. The family immediately starting saving money to buy him hearing aids. Unfortunately, the hearing aids they purchased broke after just a few months, which made it hard for him to participate in school. We fit him with new devices and he is now learning how to speak. With his new devices he can recognize his parents’ voice when they call him and is making great progress in school.

The #smile on this patient's face really embodies our #FridayFeeling!

Jennifer is 8 years old and came to our mission in #Bolivia with her mom and little brother. They traveled for 3 days to get to where we were stationed. Jennifer's mom was determined to get her daughter #hearing aids so she could have a better life.

Dominic told us that when he was 5 years old he woke up one day unable to hear. In October 2014, he was fit by our team in #Uganda. After being fit, he has continued to be an advocate for others. When we are in his #community for after care, he will go door to door to make sure everyone knows that we are coming and can get help. A true hearing ambassador! #StarkeyCares

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