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STARHEADBODY  EVERYBODY IN • 🔺 • lurking around the planet with my huni @hayleyblend 🗣 we love you.... ps fav animal just changed to jack rabbit

I am super juiced to watch one of skateboardings most influential cinematographers new project with @elementbrand@jon_miner is a huge inspiration to me, working with him on this project has buttoned up some of my filmmaking loose ends and is motivating me to be visually creative • PEACE of mind body and soul.

Hang in there.... this planet is crazy • there is always light 💡

Holy fackkkkk 📹 @tom_dull congrats element

I love you mouse @tom_dull you kill it !!!!! Always best Filmer ever

Anytime I see a Gaberman photo, It makes me appreciate the art of skateboarding. Something that can never be lost. Only obtained. Harnessed. So hyped to go hit the streets . You both bring me the most purest form of inspiration. Bless your souls . @westgatebrandon • 📸 : @b_gaberman

Can I tell you that you are the purple in me • @hayleyblend

On king of the road this year we got to meet up with @8ballr best part of the trip by far • such a beast and a psych lord • 📸 @rhino in collab with a lil twist 🚬

When you’ve been on the road for three weeks with 7-10 in the sprinter it really puts life into perspective • thank you planet earth ⛺️

@chizzadd • Nyc 18

@huskyroundup • Nyc 18

Atoms dance • 🛰

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