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mia! ♡🏹  210417 kim yugyeom said he loved me back :(

not tagging anyone bc this is for alex @busanroses !!
[270417] 🍢
alex, aLEX, ALEX,,, happy two months !! sorry i couldn't edit you anything since ive been super busy :( im so sorry :(( i'll make you a bf edit later hehe. anyways, i love you so much. i hope we can be friends for one year but i seriously can't believe it's been 2 months💓we all know that we're secretly hard stans 😳 i know how hard you nut for jimin oops & how hard i nut for yoongi like 🤤. i'll always be here for you, you can tell me anything !!! i love your yoongi spams so much :( your love for jimin is so :(( he's your actual boyfriend i swear. i love you so much !! this is cheesy ah but i love you and so does jimin !! thank you for always talking to me haha. stay happy & smiling, have a good sleep later im off to classes 🤧LOVE U JDJD

what are some of your favourite dramas of all time?? idk shjssh i really love reply 1988 & age of my youth but like,, weightlifting fairy has a special place in my heart :,) it made me so happy i miss it so much :(

take me w you cutie

are you city lights or star lights? ocean breezes or warm fires? cappuccinos or lattes? dandelions or lavender?? anyways a thing i've been obsessed w right now is rosewater i love,,! it's pretty

you all need to know that you all are still naturally pretty when you have pimples, acne, scars, body rolls or curves ya know bc youre !! so !! beautiful !! & no one and nothing can change that about you. all thighs are good thighs also self care is vv important :)) take care of yourself lmao,,, it's the least you can do

hey !! so last night i went to a massive got7 fanmeet and im still shaking like oh my god so much happened? im gonna tell you how it went !! when they came out singing i actually couldn't stop my tears from falling out because like, they're right in front of me ?? oh my god ?? they started answering fan questions and stuff and boy do they look so good like yugyeom had me so shook i wouldn't stop crying. they performed all their hits and it was such a good time :( jackson and bambam are the absolute cutest on stage :,) they all won't stop dabbing im but like their personalities are so adorable. jinyoung was wearing this oversized hoodie at the end and he looked so fluffy? bambam was speaking english a lot && they tried to pronounce 'opera house' but they couldn't and it was soo adorable. their live performances were so good and after they let the fans all rush to the front with an amazing encore like i was so close then. after they held a hi touch and group photos :,) when it was my turn to do the hi-touch i was last in my row so i went slow and when i REACHED YUGYEOM I TOLD HIM THAT I LOVED HIM SO MUCH AND HE SMILED SO BIG AND LOOKED ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYE AND SAID HE LOVED ME BACK WHILE I HELD ONTO HIS HAND FOR LIKE 5 SECS. i ran off the stage in TEARS. i am still crying over that, my bias just said he loved me. i adore him so much,, anyways they all looked so good irl and their personalities and stage persona are exactly the same. the most adorable human beings ever i love them so much and i hope to get to see them again :(( absolute angels.

are you a peach or cherry person ? ice coffee or ice tea ? lipstick or lipgloss person ? silk or lace ?? (i'll stop with these questions i swear)

the variety of facial shapes and features that people have is just so interesting, we all look different and that’s something to be appreciated, i think??everyone has something special to them, has particular strong points in their face and particular flaws, and it’s funny because the more i get to know a person the more i become familiar with all those characteristics. i like noticing those little things?? anyways enjoy that cherry blossom vid it's vv calming

my new aesthetic is: sleepy boys that are just tired all the time and wear flannels and when you scruffle up their hair they let you and then they give you a tired grin but when they yawn and stretch, their shirt lifts up so you can see a lil bit of their soft tummy,, they're just soft n cuddly all the time, they like to slump around and sleep on things (especially your lap) & they have messy hair 24/7 oh wait i meant yoongi

3/3 taglist in previous post 💖💖

2/3 TAGLIST! comment '🍣' to be tagged in my next theme!! im so excited (tagged old taglist) + there is no limit !

1/3 new theme ahh + taglist in next post!

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