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Starbucks Coffee ☕  Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit -- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

Smile more. See friends. Eat things that make you happy. #☕️❤️ #FlatWhite #MondayMotivation (Regram: @StarbucksCol)

Originally a hotel and bakery, this store embraces a woodsy aesthetic that references the rich, local heritage rooted in the timber industry. The original basalt masonry walls have been preserved, accompanied by steel support beams, a variety of warm woods of different textures and types, along with a collection of old wooden skis and snowshoes. #WhereInTheWorld ** Answer: Ottawa, Ontario **

A flock? A gaggle? A congregation? #FlatWhite #CoffeeRun

Unlike many varieties of flora, this particular species flourishes during harsh winter months. All #LillyPulitzer water bottles are now in full bloom. 🌸💐🌿🌼🌷🌴☀️
#RarePlantFacts #LillyLovesStarbucks

Breakfast: handled. $5 for a Bacon, Gouda & Egg Breakfast Sandwich + a Grande Pike Place Roast, for a limited time. (US only)

Farewell, sweet prince. Even though today's your last day, your decadent espresso mocha drizzle will not be forgotten. #MoltenChocolateLatte

You could send a dozen flowers again orrrrr... #Confetti #CakePops #❤

All 👣👣👣 lead to ☕️. regram: @olivialvthompson

Love is all around, but especially on your sleeve. Share what you ♥ and watch the love blossom! #MoltenChocolate #HeartOnYourSleeve

#ProTip: Boost the sweet and savory flavor of the #SmokedButterscotchLatte with toffee nut syrup.

Nature-inspired latte art. A vertical line through its microfoam heart. #CascaraLatte ❤️☕️🎨

Chocolate for days! But like, literally, 7 more days. Try our Molten Chocolate Trio through the 14th. (US and Canada) #MoltenChocolate #MoltenEverything #Frappuccino #Latte #HotCocoa