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Starbucks Coffee β˜•  Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit -- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

One by one, watching coconutmilk clouds drift in the sun. #IcedCoconutmilkMochaMacchiato. Regram: @berenikewithlove

Both flowers and macchiatos bend toward light. #IcedCoconutmilkMochaMacchiato Regram: @phoenix.noel

As majestic as it is magenta... #UnicornFrappuccino. Color-changing, flavor-changing, potentially life-changing. #πŸ¦„ Available for a limited time at participating stores in the US, Canada & Mexico.

The pearl to the oyster is like the cold brew to the coconut. #ToastedCoconutColdBrew

When your hands are full and you couldn't be happier. #CoconutmilkMochaMacchiato #Coconutmilk #πŸ’

Three different coffee bars, a bevy of coffee roasting-themed chandeliers, and cup sleeves inspired by Chinese textile weavings. #WhereInTheWorld #DesignInspiration #Textiles

#PinkDrink, meet #FlowerWall. You two are gonna get along great. πŸ’—πŸŒ·

Layers of flavors and flowers and #Spring. 🌸 #IcedCinnamonAlmondmilkMacchiato

A sip of spring peeking through the gray. #IcedCaramelMacchiato #StarbucksOnIce #IHaveThisThingWithStairs

Come rain, shine or snow, off in the van we go. #ColdBrew: handcrafted in small batches daily. #Narino70

Not to stirrup any gossip, but Jared was Stephanie's mane man, and he said he would help with the bridle shower by ponying-up the bucks for coffee; "neigh problemo, that's a cinch" he said. But when it reins it pours. Turns out this stud was foal of it: when he clip-clopped to the front of the line, he had no mare dollar billets in his wallet, and no one's going to bale him outta this!
Next time: #MobileOrderAndHay
Regram: @ridingonroan

Sway hi to our new #ToastedCoconutColdBrew: Cold Brew coffee + hints of coconut and honey + coconutmilk float. 🌴

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