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Starbucks Coffee ☕  Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit -- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

Care package incoming. 💓☕️🎯 Regram: @paolovillani

Pairs great with quiet afternoons and, well, anything chocolate. 🍫♥️ Single Origin #ColombiaNarinoSupremo = notes of bittersweet chocolate + black walnut. Brewing in participating stores through 4/2. #NowBrewing #SingleOrigin #Colombia

At the end of the coconut rainbow, a little treasure. #IcedCoconutmilkMochaMacchiato

The largest volcanic eruption the earth has seen in 25 million years... perfect conditions for growing amazing coffee. #SumatraLakeToba—Fresh earthiness framed by spicy herbal notes. 🌿☕️ #StarbucksReserve

Blonde roasts are mild, mediums—balanced, dark is where roasters show off their great talents. Pick up a favorite, try something new.
25% off #AtHomeCoffee this week—#JustForYou .

#☕️❤️ March 21–27 (US & Canada)

Ahhh, spring is in the air — and it's sweet, creamy, and lightly cinnamony. #IcedCinnamonAlmondmilkMacchiato

Feeling humbled by your creativity and passion. Our #SpringCups bloom with your inspiring and endless talent. 💐☕️💚 Doodles by @kelsletters, @jennyjemy, and @letteringbyrenee.

Yum, magnified. 🔍 #CaramelMacchiato

The #SpringCups are in!
Let the creativity begin.☀️☔️⚪️
(slide ⬅️ to see 'em )

Been guarding this #ReducedFatTurkeyBaconSandwich for 2 whole minutes (15 dog-hours). 🐶 Regram: @frenchieleo

Black, white, hot, cold. Macchiato dates never get old. ☕️❤️🌴 #CoconutmilkMochaMacchiato #StarbucksDate #MeetForMacchiatos

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