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"I took this from someone else, but it makes a good point" 💖

Is this unicorn drink completely flooding your newsfeed? I'm curious how much Starbucks is #paying all of you to #promote this drink?
I mean, you laugh and mock network marketing YET you're in actual fact, doing the roll of a network marketer for #FREE.

Here's some food for thought... 💭💭💭 So, your friend posts about this magical new drink at Starbucks and you run off to go try it and support a large company, helping a CEO get his 5th dream house. 🏦

Meanwhile, your other friend is posting about products or services that she also thinks you will love that she sells and helps provide for her family 👪
Trying to pay bills, put food on the table and treat her kids ... But when it comes to this friends post, you unfollow her, mock her, and ignore her. This happens all of the time.. 🙅 Why???? And while this drink looks super awesome, my products ARE awesome - and you can get paid 😉

#JustForThoughts #ThinkAboutIt #NetworkMarketing

He's not quite sure what happened to his balls #littlemuscleman #toocute #stan #myprince #havingfun #blondehair #blueeyes #fluffyhead

Can't wait for this to come. Go to my page @skindeep33 for more stock added daily x #SkinDeep #fashion #twopiece #summertime

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