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is it possible to become pregnant from just a pic of 2 girls that are miles away from u

whoever made this deserves everything

i see pics of kyla everyday but im still amazed by her beauty LEGENDS ONLY

hi i decided to finally open a steven universe acc HAHA so follow me
im gonna post memes n textposts n such so follow me lmao yeah thanks HAh

oh shit i just realized i reached season 5 of steven universe nO

this is exactly what my gay heart needed

they were so flirty in this episode ajshjakajd

only the teaser n my wigs r alrdy SNATCHED SKJSJS omf tHEY LOOK SO FINE IM COMBUSTING 😩👌
ok but am i the only one that imagine that is them trashing mnet or ymc ehem
anyway,,,,im sO HYPED omg

im trying not to spoil myself but a lot of acc posted screenshots and the teaser aND I CANTKSKMD theyre being girl crushes???? im gay???? oh god i think i saw yebin?? eunwoo? with a bat and i never wanted to be hit by a bat thiS much 😍😍😍😍
only saw 1 second of it n my alrdy balding n rdy to die
legends only

i have tears running down my face theyre so beautiful so gorgeous so graceful so cute so-

lowkey wanna make a SU acc?? but it wont work so *mybe* ill turn this acc into 3% SU acc so hello @ any pristin stans that love su
but ill mybe make a su acc????? akkssakjs idk if i got enough time for that lol
credits to owner(s)
i decided to make one so go follow it thanks 💕

i love musical geniuses 😻

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