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Stanley😛  ❤️🐷 || 👻stanleyhoh_10

You either die on the bars or you push it through.

Really need a vacation right now😪

After concert vibes.

*PDA alert* 猪头💕🙈 谢谢你给了最美的初恋 谢谢你一直陪我疯 谢谢你跟我一起哭🙈😌 谢谢你做了我的🐷 也谢谢你一直对我不离不弃… 有你,真的很幸福很光荣❤️😌 我知道有时候我幼稚,那都是在你面前才表现的、知道我坏蛋,那都是在你面前才做的 因为 我知道无论怎样 你都会一样讨厌我😌💕 今天是一周年,我希望明年,后年,直到永远的周年纪念日, 我都可以像今天一样抱着你过😍❤️ 知道你喜欢满天星所以依照着小姐的要求 变了出来 所以希望你喜欢 !(一定要喜欢😠💞) 小傻瓜,我爱你🐼❤️🐷


She's the prettiest girl in my eyes. Her flaws are perfect to me. Her temper is what I cherish. She is my everything. My girl is my baby , so if you dare to even try to disturb her , I would destroy your life. 💓

Happy birthday to my dearest girl ❤️ ! It's been a hard time for us and we got through it ... 😁 so exams are around the corners already so gambateh!!!💪🏻 I am sure u can do well 🙈 and remember to always be happy okay ? I am here ✋ hehe enjoy your day and sweet dreams 😁 🐼❤️🐷#tb

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