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The Lucas Center/MSLS building isn't just good looking. Inside, researchers use its advanced imaging technologies to fuel interdisciplinary research into human physiology and disease. #Stanford #StanfordMedicine (Credit: Margarita Gallardo)

A deadly brainstem cancer, known as DIPG, usually kills the school-age children it affects in less than a year. In research out today, #Stanford pediatric neurooncologist Michelle Monje and her team show how they eliminated the tumor in mice using engineered immune cells. The work is proceeding to clinical trials in humans, but cautiously, Monje says: "I don't think one strategy is going to cure this extremely aggressive and deadly cancer.” #StanfordMedicine (Credit: Steve Fisch)

A glimpse of the medical school's first annual spring writing retreat for medical students... The event, which was sponsored by the Medicine & the Muse Program and led by writer-in-residence @laurelsara, was designed to help our future doctors improve their writing and communication skills. And what a gorgeous spot for that! #scicomm #medmuse #writingmedicine (Credit: Laurel Sara)

Many would-be transplant patients wait months or years for a donor organ; some never receive one at all. #Stanford researcher Hiromitsu Nakauch is aiming to change that: He's exploring ways to grow genetically matched, transplantable human organs in animals. Link to story in bio. #StanfordMedicine #transplant #science (Credit: Timothy Archibald)

Lovely lavender… #Stanford #StanfordMedicine (Credit: Margarita Gallardo)

"How would I feel if I had a child with a disorder for which there were no objective laboratory-based diagnostics and no drugs to treat the core symptoms?” That’s the question that #Stanford behavorial neuroscientist Karen Parker asked herself when deciding to go into the field of autism research. A mother of three whose career was inspired by two scientists in her family and who joined the Stanford faculty in 2007, Parker is helping make strides in our understanding of the disorder. #StanfordMedicine #womeninscience #autismresearch (Credit: Norbert von der Groeben)

April 3 marks the one-year anniversary of the #NYerORCoverChallenge, and we love this shot of #StanfordMedicine surgeon Sherry Wren and her colleagues from last year. Wren is a general surgeon who specializes in the treatment of GI cancers; she’s also chief of surgery at the Palo Alto Veterans Health Care System. #Stanford #ilooklikeasurgeon #womensurgeons #womeninmedicine (Photo courtesy of Sherry Wren)

A beautiful spring scene 🌷🌻🌷#Stanford #StanfordMedicine (Credit: @hollyalyssa13)

An alum reminisces on #NationalDoctorsDay... #Repost @teawithmd
Happy National Doctors’ Day! I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing #doctors in #whitecoats on IG today and I wanted to give a shout out to all the LEARNING these physicians have accomplished to get to where they are today. This photo features my #medschool classmate Dr. Lai @whitecoatxs illustrating ALL the books we had to memorize in order to get through part of our training... This photo reminds me of all the blood, sweat and tears I put into studying, as well as sacrifices (we’re at the library when other people our age are out exploring!). But it also reminds me of how far I’ve come and all that I’ve learned...

Prioritize sleep, detach from devices during family dinners and other key moments, and reject the notion that spending excessive amount of time on work is the only way to professional success. Those were among the pointers @ariannahuff gave to the #StanfordMedicine community during a recent talk here - see story on our Scope blog. #Stanford #wellness #ariannahuffington (Credit: Rod Searcey)

Nope, they're not watching Black Panther in 3D: Kumar Abhinav, a clinical instructor of neurosurgery (in white), and trainees are sporting virtual reality goggles and exploring the brain. The Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center allows surgeons to view three-dimensional, digital renditions of brain structures and to learn more about cases they're working on. "It’s to give [trainees] an opportunity to feel safe, to train outside of the OR," explains neurosurgeon Anand Veeravagu. #Stanford #StanfordMedicine #virtualreality #meded (Credit: Paul Sakuma)

A look back at last week's Match Day, as our med students excitedly opened their envelopes... Congratulations to our 70 new doctors-to-be! 🎉🎉🎉#Stanford #StanfordMedicine #MatchDay2018 (Credit: Mark Hanlon/Visit Stanford Medicine’s Facebook for long version)

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