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Stand Up For Pits Foundation  SUFP Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to ending abuse, discrimination & saving lives. ANGEL was and will always be our inspiration.

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This stunning dog has been in the shelter since November 25! He's spent Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve/Day and the changing of the seasons in this shelter. He's seen 4 full moons from his kennel. He's endured wind/rain/freezing temps during this time.

PETE - ID #A509793 (URGENT) ALREADY NEUTERED!!!………$340.00 pledged

LINK TO VIDEO IN PLAY YARD 1/27: https://www.facebook.com/savethesquishies/videos/2034487856578445/

PETHARBOR LINK: http://www.petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=SBCT.A509793

I am a *NEUTERED* male, white and gray Pit Bull Terrier mix. I have been at the shelter since Nov 25, 2017.

--Closed Sunday and MondayTelephone: (909) 384-1304, ext 1515
Rescues please email Jennifer , the SBC rescue coordinator with ID asap if interested in helping . Vanness_je@sbcity.org.
--Anyone wanting to foster an SBC dog can look for information and fill out the form at http://sbcdogs.nvecs.com/

BSL is DISCRIMINATION enshrined in law. It is unethical fear based ignorance being supported by uneducated people with power. Banning a dog is NOT the problem. HUMANS are the problem. Make your voice heard! #enoughisenough
#standupforpits #endbsl #banignorancenotdogs
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This is #MartinCoiteux ...he is sponsoring #Bill128. He is the #QuebecPublicSecurityMinister. His contact info is also included here! Share this...contact him...let it be known that we will #KillBill128!! #StopBill128 #NoToBill128 #SayNoToBill128 #SayNoToBill128Quebec #StopQuebecFromKillingInnocentDogs #TheyMatter #EndBSL #BSLbytes #EndCanineDiscrimination #QuebecElectedOfficials #QuebecOfficials #ItsNotRocketScience #BlameTheHumans #Quebec Go to the @spcamontreal website... saferkindercommunities.com to sign the petitions and get more info! PLEASE Sign and share! They meet TOMORROW!! We need more signatures 🙏🏼🙏🏼

NEW YORK Stand Up Fo Pits happens April 29th!!! Tickets are available now at standupforpits.us! Come see an amazing show while helping save lives.
The SUFP DONATION DRIVE is the DAY BEFORE the event!!! Please consider donating much needed supplies to help local shelter animals!! #standupforpits #newyork #angelforever #2018sufptour

Great post. Well said. Thank you for being their voice. 🙌🏻 #Repost @tilda_llewie_pia with @get_repost
This is a photo of me today. The other is a photo of Lana. I am African American. Lana is a Pitbull. We have a lot in common.
It used to be legally OK to discriminate against me. In the UK today (and since 1991) it IS legally OK to discriminate against Lana; in fact, it is the law. It is also a secretive law. #defra (the UK body responsible for this law) refuse to publish data that supports their stance that this law is effective at reducing dog attacks. This makes sense, as discrimination and racism cannot be logically or statistically justified. Breed-specific Legislation (BSL) stinks to high heaven and is grounded in #fakenews.
Please write to your MP and to DEFRA and politely, but firmly, let them know what you think. Mandatory kill on all dogs that look like Lana, or any way for that matter, regardless of how friendly they are, is Just Not Right.
#endBSL #endbslworldwide #pitbulllivesmatter#dontbullymybreed #alllivesmatter #deednotbreed #educateadvocateneverdiscriminate #dogfirstbreedsecond #instadog #dog #pitbulladvocate #pitbull #dogoargentino #japanesetosa #filobraziliero #bullbreedsofinstagram #discrimination #adoptdontshop #animalwelfare #bslisbs #africanamerican #enddogfighting #uk #unitedkingdom #michaelgove #zacgoldsmith

NEW @standupforpitsfoundation merchandise is available NOW through March 25th!! LINK IN BIO ❤️
#standupforpits #angelforever #spaynueterangelday #banbreeders #spay #neuter #america

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Please help! We need a lot more signatures.🚨🚨We are running out of time to #StandUpAgainstBill128 . 🚨🚨 Did you know they plan to take dogs confiscated under BSL to test labs and subject them to terrible things. This bill must be stopped🛑Please sign the petition, link in @threelilpitties bio if you live in the United States please select États Unis. #stopbslquebec #killbill128 #projectmontreal #stoptheprejudice

BOSTON!!!! #Repost @pittieloverescue ・・・
Meet Moby! This four year old hunk came to us from the Franklin County Animal Shelter after he was rescued from loathsome conditions. Many thanks to Brittany for fostering Moby, who is good with dogs and cats! www.pittieloverescue.org/moby
If not adopted before May 8, you may find Moby strolling around the @standupforpitsfoudation event in Boston. Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased at www.standupforpits.us #standupforpits #inherentlygood #laughboston #pittieloverescue #pitbull #rescue #adoptdontshop #pitbulllove #ilovepitbulls #pitbullsrock #pitbullsofinstagram #officialpitbull #pitbulloftheday #pitbullpride #pitbulllife #pitbulladvocate #dontbullymybreed #BSLisBS #bullybreeds

We are too friend. We are too. 🙌🏻 #Repost @thisdogisforkeeps ・・・
Thinking about a future. A future where people aren’t dumb. Where people don’t discriminate against others who are different. That’s the kind of future Angel would’ve wanted. 💜
Did you get your ticket for the Stand Up For Pits show at the Arlington Drafthouse yet? April 26 will be here before you know it so purchase a ticket while you can! 🎟 #standupforpits

New SUFP merchandise is available TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT through March 25th!

#standupforpits #angelforever #angelday #spay #neuter #spaynueterangelday 🙌🏻

Well done!
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We have had a busy few weeks with meetings at Born Innocent HQ.

Last week we met with #animalwelfare policy representatives and had a very productive meeting. It’s fantastic to see some authorities (around the country) putting the #dangerousdogs act 1991 under the spotlight and look to make improvements to the way the process is carried out for the purpose of both #animal welfare and costs.

Budgets for local authorities have been drastically reduced over the last ten years, which means public bodies must look at ways to save money, wherever possible.
As an organisation, we are always keen to start dialogue with agencies involved in this arena and offer our assistance if it works towards the goal of improving animal welfare for #dogs effected by the current Act and #breedneutrallaws
We will be sending further information out including our report into BSL (which was presented to the Law Commission) and other educational material.
We welcome Public Bodies pursuing improvements whilst the current legislation is in place and as always, we will continue to update you.

Pictured is Rex, a #rescuedog who was seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act for a minor biting incident whilst in rescue, with his foster career. Our partners at Putting BSL to Sleep UK supported the rescue and Rex is now back with his foster carer and no further court action will be taken.

#endbsl #dogsofinstagram #dog #doglovers #breedspecificlegislation #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls #pitbulladvocate #keepgoing #dontquit #bullbreedsofinsta #staffie

We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this incredible fundraising effort!! We are blown away by the dedication and effort of all the participants and especially Jenny aka @lexy_the_elderbull mom who tirelessly supports and remains dedicated to the cause and community. Please check all the merchants out and give them a follow. Working together is effective and this is an example of that.
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The results are in and we're extremely proud to report that Lexy's Adoptaversary fundraiser raised a total of $3,335 USD in donations for @standupforpitsfoundation🌟🎉 This is AMAZING!! Thank You to everyone who donated, shopped, entered our Raffle or shared. Each and every one of you made this a success!! On April 2 #SUFP will fully fund 11 FREE Spay/Neuter clinics nationwide in honor of Angel. Approximately 600 pit bull type dogs are set to be fixed on ANGEL DAY, the lives saved from these events are innumerable. The 11 clinics will cost SUFP just over $38k. I truly hope the funds we've raised from Lexy's Adoptaversary campaign will help support these events and all the work #SUFP does.
We extend a massive and heartfelt thank you to our vendors who donated time, products, and their hearts to partner with us in support of our favourite organization, @standupforpitsfoundation

ANGEL FOREVER ❤️ #standupforpits #spaynueterangelday #angelday #educate #advocate #giveback

NEW MERCHANDISE available MARCH 17th - MARCH 25th!!!!!

On April 2nd the Stand Up For Pits Foundation will fully fund 11 FREE Spay/Neuter clinics nationwide in honor of Angel. April 2nd will mark two years since Angel left us but her legacy lives on and there is no better way to celebrate her beautiful life and inherent goodness than by saving countless others.
An estimated 600 pit bull type dogs are set to be fixed on ANGEL DAY and by doing so, potentially saving millions. Just one unaltered female and her offspring over a six year period creates 67,000 puppies. Many of which end up in the wrong hands, stray, in our shelters and/or dead. Spaying and neutering is a much needed and vital effort we should all be focusing on. Shelters are overflowing and 85% of dogs in shelters are labeled pit bull “type” dogs. The most logical way to fix that is by preventing them from ending up in the shelter to begin with. Spaying and neutering can get us off the giant hamster wheel that is rescue and it does not get the support and attention it needs.

Spaying & Neutering 600 dogs will cost SUFP just over $38,000.00. For a small foundation like ours, that is a hefty bill. The profits from this merchandise campaign will help cover the cost of this much needed initiative. Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day is a solution to a big problem and it takes funds to do it. If you want to forego the new pieces, please consider making a tax deductible donation at standupforpits.us. Every penny helps. If funds are tight, you can still make a difference by educating others on the importance of spaying and neutering and supporting your local rescues who run these clinics year round. There is always something to be done and lives are depending on us to keep doing all we can.

Thank you!

ANGEL FOREVER ❤️ #standupforpits #spaynueterangelday #angelday #educate #advocate #america #responsiblepetownership (special thanks to Pam and Sandi for donating your time and genius)

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