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StandUP Advisors  On a Financial Literacy Tour across 🇺🇸 in our 🚍sharing Financial Knowledge, Planning & Real Advice for the Little Guy #financialfreedom📍Green Bay, WI

As social media makes it easier to compare your life with others, it seems as Happiness is almost always on the other side of your next goal, and it keeps moving further as you get there.
But let's not forget that exactly where you are is a major goal for many others. If you think this is just a saying read below.
If you're a mid level associate there's an entry level associate drooling for your position.
If you're an entry level associate there's a graduated student that is working hard to get your job.
If you've just graduated remember there are still many students that want to be done with school.
If you're mid income remember that someone else (probably within 10 miles from you) thinks you're rich.
If you're low income in a developed nation remember that someone in a developing nation lives with 1/10th or less of what you make.
If you're poor from a poor country, remember there's someone from a war-torn country that just wants your safety.
And if you're from a war-torn country with nothing on you, remember you know a lot of people who are now dead. .

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Finally just found my investment account password, which I lost 10 years ago... Found out I have double the money vs. if I didn't lose it...Should I 'lose' it again for the next 10 years;)? From DALBAR (financial research company) individual investors continue to shoot themselves in the foot due to timing and behavior (and too much TV watching - my comment), making about half in returns (~4% annual) of what the market (S&P 500 ~ 8% annual) did in the last 10 years. Longer periods are even worse for the individual investor.

What if we self-disciplined ourselves ala 'Ulysses with the Sirens' episode, where he told his men to tie him up and not untie him (even if he said so) when they went past the Sirens. "Losing your password" (on purpose) could be one method... What other self-disciplining methods have you used or would you like to use (to keep you on goal, not just investing)? Top 3 methods will get a shot-out and a free one-on-one 1-hour session talking about money/investing/RVing/minimalism, anything or nothing at all... Comment below.
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Crossing into Vermont 'The Green Mountain State' which should be called 'the double green state'; literally green, valleys, mountains, trees and farms but also very 'green' (eco-friendly) too. Reusable rain water, solar & wind farms, porous concrete & rain gardens (to clean the polluted waters) some of the few features we've seen and only been for less than 5 hours. Really good values that match ours.
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Standing UP 19 feet tall for Financial Literacy. As Ben Franklin said it: 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest'. Just don't do it while driving ;). Better call @genti.cici .

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Where we've been so far. Currently in New England, but very soon crossing west. StandUP Advisors is visiting all states, so let us know how we can help you in your path to Financial Freedom. .
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"This country was built from a standing position" Take your stand and #standupforthelittleguy
Happy Independence Day America!
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New York, New York. In the heart of finance, the city that never sleeps, and where its sidewalks are hard to walk any time of the day. Finance is changing and many finance companies, mainly with lots of tech inside of them, were from the west coast at the #futurefintech conference. .
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Financial Literacy Tour continues in NYC at the @cbinsights #futurefintech conference. Where #unicorns are born. .
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Indeed there's plenty to discover in the buckeye state. Fun fact: James Ritty and his brother John invented the cash register. James who had a saloon wanted to prevent his employees to keep taking his profits.
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A little motivation to close Memorial weekend.
In the background a beautiful view of #Louisville from the #bigfourbridge
Don't forget to save every time you can, little by little the pile grows.
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What if we saw this for everything we wanted now? $1500 in 30 years for $1/month or $300,000 for $200/month? Would it change your actions? Would you spend or save? .
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