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comment letter by letter TAE 👇👇👇💜

o m g soooo cute 😭💜💜💜
What do you like most about Jimin?

oh, if I were there, I would just die for joy, and not pester him! you too?

Hm...... JiKook or TaeKook?

JiKook time ==> ♡

on the last photo they are so thin😢😭

I did not find the code today, going home after work. but I hope to see something tomorrow ^^ but did you see? found the code? if yes send me direct pleaseeee ♡
we must find such codes for these countries, go through the site and learn the history of these codes. the number of codes seems 2080 ^^ --- ⁠⁠
Now found all QR codes with members

1. Hoseok 🐿 - 🇯🇵 Tokyo
2. Jungkook🐰- 🇰🇷 Seoul
3. Jin 🐹- 🇭🇰 Hong Kong
4. Yoongi🐱- 🇺🇸 New York
5. Namjoon 🐨- 🇫🇷 Paris
6. Taehyung 🐯- 🇬🇧 London
7. Jimin 🐻 - 🇺🇸 Los Angeles

please explain to me what to do? I do not understand anything 😭

Launch date: February 25, 2019 “Let your memories write the story of BTS. ARMYPEDIA, BTS digital archive, created by ARMI!

To complete ARMYPEDIA, ARMI must work together to collect 2080 puzzle pieces hidden around the world. Pieces of the puzzle are scattered around cities around the world and around the internet. ”

Translation of the inscription:
- There is no such thing as "giving up"

💭 Some information about the new BTS album during the broadcast of Namjoon

Namjoon: This is not what people expect to hear. People might think: "Perhaps they have nothing to say!" But it is not, we still have something to say. I personally like this album.

Jimin: If the fans listen to the new album, they will think: "Jimin's voice started to sound better?" 🤭

Namjoon said they did everything possible, so we will like it (the new album). Jimin said that Namjoon did a lot of work this time. Namjoon said that Jimin was the main reason why the tone of their song was raised, and Jimin said that the participants had a hard time because of him. He also said that TaeHyung did a good job too.

Jimin said that producers are surprised that when one participant is busy with one thing, the second can do something else, and the other try themselves in a completely different direction. According to the producers, they are well balanced, and this surprises them.

ahhh I wanted to see until the end !! why stopped Jimin oppa?

inhale... exhale... voice... oh my god ... are you human?

I can't describe it in words😭 he looks so divine ❤💜
These fingers are created for piano! and our ears are created to hear it 🐯💜

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