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Stalin The Cat  My favourite toy mouse has no head and my meowstache is amazing. 10% off AnimalHearted: STALINTHECAT Snapchat: "kurogn" Humom: @ansomannso

Have you been admiring my stylish sunglass pictures? 😎 You can now be a meowdel for them too! Meowmy went complete crazy cat lady one day and bought six pairs in different colours, so of course we're giving a pair to the selected winner. As the winner you can choose the desired colour yourself. The winner will also receive a small goodie bag with a home made catnip toy ready for claws of destruction and some tender love (I love those toys, so I can't imagine that you wouldn't. The toy has also been through a brief quality check performed by none other than myself). All you have to do is:
😺 Post a new cat photo in a summery context.
😺 Use the hashtag #StalinSummerContest2018 in the photo description.
😺 Tag two feline friends in the comments of this post who might want to show off their great talent and potentially win magnificent stuffs!
😺 Follow my account @stalinthecat for your eternal happiness under my rule.
I can't wait to see all your contributions! I'll choose a winner either June 10th or June 17th depending on the response. 😺😽
For all the available sunglass colours, swipe left to see a picture of them all ⬅️
They come in green, blue, black, pink, yellow and rainbow. πŸ’πŸŒˆ
Happy photographing and good luck! 😸😻

I'm getting all nosy on Twitter now too! Follow @StalinTheCat on Twitter if you want 🎢😎

You threw away old tuna? What is WRONG with you, hooman!

I'm one of the cool guys that wears sunglasses indoors as well as outdoors. That way I can look at the flying lunches through the window without them seeing where my gaze is fixed. Tactics, tactics.

It's meowmy's birthday today so naturally I should get more tuna 🐟

I feel like I'm a purrty darn good meowdel for these sunglasses. Rocking the catwalk.

Meowmy went complete crazy cat lady one day and bought six pairs of sunglasses in different colours for me. If I wasn't already the coolest cat in the hood, then I definitely am now. 😎

HUMOOOOOOOOM gief tuna plx!

I'm grumpy because a strange male cat came about, looked at me briefly before he turned his butt and sprayed in meowmy's window. So her room smells like cat piss now, and it's not mine. I'm suspecting Meowssolini.


🎢 AND Iiii-i-i will ALWAYS.. LOVE YOUUUU~ 🎢 I'm trying to deceive the flying lunches, trying to make them come closer if I can convince them that I love them. Do you think it'll work?

When you accidentally open the selfie camera

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