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Ben Staley  Professional Storyteller / 🎥 📷 Los Angeles & other Strange Places

Skylar / 55 to go

Skylar / Things got a little weird. In the best way. And fair warning, I might just post all 57 of these...

I dangled from the powerlines and let the martyrs stretch...

Call off the search for your soul....

You just have to begin. Take the first step.

Sage & Bane

My pal Chris on a recent stealth mission, deep in the bowels of Mexico.

This is most likely the remains of a Black Tailed Deer, commonly found throughout the state of California. Like you, it was once flesh and blood and a strong, thriving animal. And like this deer, you sweetheart, will someday be only bones. And sometime after that you will be only dust. Only dust. So get out there and get it done. Everything your here to do. Go get it done.

Sure I appreciate strength. But it's vulnerability I respect.
This is my friend @annetothelisa

Dana in the wild

We're all our own heroes of our own mythologies. All fighting our own personalized demons and dragons and villains. Each of us a universe of possibilities contained within. Ourselves. Choose your own adventure.

I’m gonna do my best to tiptoe around multiple cliches here but listen up. Get lost. Yes, you. Get lost. Turn off the navigation. Turn down that road you’ve never been down. Better yet go at night when you can see less. Go alone with no one to give you comfort. No one to lead the way home. Take a train to the last stop and get off and go on foot. Park your car and get out and walk into the trees and see what’s in there. Go get lost. Go see what you find when you don’t know exactly whats around the next corner. Find out what your made of. Find out who you are when the umbilical cord is broken. I’ll bet your stronger than you know. I’ll bet your braver than you’ve had to be. I’ll bet your smart enough to bring it all home. Go get lost.

This is my friend Chanon.

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