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Ben Staley  Professional Storyteller / 🎥📷 Los Angeles & other Strange Places

Don't think, feel.

Chanon in the wild
I just want to get off the beaten path and earn it. I want an adventure to go with my art.

Dana in my studio.
I'm in it for the art. The adventure. Discovery. Connection. Growth. And the mystery. The damn mystery of how any of this actually happens. I'll probably never know. And that's just fine. That's just fine with me.

My pal Cecilia is a stunt woman and a rad human. She brought a very nice hoodie, but I had her wear mine instead. This one has been worn by many people. That's just the way it goes sometimes...
I like faces. And hoodies.

Dana in the Staley Studio


Highways | Eve ( #tbt )

Highways | She Wears Black

Highways | Bridget
(Try as I might I just can't get Bridget to do my dark and gloomy thing. But that's just fine)

Highways | Merari

Highways | Hanna

Highways | Asa