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STAGE ADDICT  ACTOR'S LODGE DIRECTING📺 ACTING🎬 THEATRE🎭 DANCE👞 MUSIC🎼 COSTUME👸 CONTACT: stageaddictsng@Gmail.com 08027410480, 07067131112, 0708 271 3477,

MARTHA EZIKE is a Nigerian Actor/Artist, an Inspirational writer, Playwright and a Director. She's an anchor of a talkshow called "In My Opinion" on her Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/marthaspeakz/ ) It's a talkshow that deal with general life issues, people get to share their opinion on the topic that is being discussed. She loves art and craft, music, acting, philanthropy, nature, e.t.c.
Martha says " I abhor hypocrisy& justice, dislike cowards & gossips. I'm expressive though i can hold back if i decide to; i love to relate with people giving them the courage to make known their opinion unashamed. I'm practical, undaunted, unrelenting, trust worthy, intelligent.
Martha has featured in some movies such as Indecent Past, a cinematic movie also My Side Of The Story... She is a very good stage actor, currently studying Theatre And Film Studies In Nnamdi Azikiwe University... Above all she does not joke with God, Family, Friends & Country because "they mean so much to me" she says.

Number: 08130107483
Instagram: @Thespianmartha

Martha says " well, To all upcoming stage actors and the ones there, I really dont have much to say, commitment and discipline is the key. Be committed to your dreams, stay positive, keep working hard, on a very good day, the world will hear your success story. Catch fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles to watch you burn. Just keep it real." #SAactingtips #NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actors #stage #theatre #Nigeria #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #nollywood #lifeofanactor
#setlife #actor #diaryofanactor

The first rule of stage combat: Nobody Gets Hurt!
Stage Combat is an art form used to create the illusion of violence while keeping the actors as safe as possible.
Stage Combat is acting in the most extreme physical and emotional situations that any character is likely to experience and requires skill, practice and expert training.
Eye contact is a must! It is used as a visual cue for each partner to signify that both actors are ready to proceed with the next step of the fight. Eye contact must begin each move!
The victim is always in control!

Each action performed in stage combat should be done using the four steps listed below. Whenever possible create a written list (called a Combat Map) of each step of the fight.
Prepare: This is the Eye Contact before a strike. This is also includes the wind up of a punch, slap or kick.
Strike: The actual execution of the technique. This is where the Knap happens if one is required.
Follow Through: The continuation of the Strike.
Reaction: This is what the victim acts out after being struck by the attacker.

Contact Map: Write a combat map and talk about each step of the fight.
Walk Through: Actors walk and talk through the fight. Quarter Speed: Actors run through the fight very slowly.
Half Speed: Actors run through the fight half the speed of their goal
Full Speed: The correct speed and execution of the staged fight

Shoulder Shoves
The victim is in control!Each person starts with the right foot forward.Both lean in, with each person’s head tilting to the left (to avoid a head-butt).Victim hunches shoulders in.Victim steps back with right foot and throws shoulders back.

The trick is meat, not bones. land on your butt.Do not use your knees or hands to break the fall.

Hair and ear pulls
The victim is always in control!Victim should place at least one hand over the attacker’s hand.

Head slam
The victim is always in control!
Victim makes knap by slapping the wall or floor with hands, then jerking head back.

Slaps work best with the victim’s back to the audience.
Ways to make a slap knap:
Slap your own hand.Slap victim’s hand.Victim claps.Attacker or victim slaps.

Angela Utibe Peters Holds a certificate in Mass communication And hails from Akwa ibom state, she is a prolific theatre performer, plus size model and Front of house management personnel under Oxzygen Koncepts, who has worked with various known directors and producers like Ifeoma Fafunwa, Toyin Oshinaike, Joshua Ademola Alabi, Toritseju Ejoh, Zara Udofia Ejoh, Abiodun Kassim, Wole Oguntokun, Ola Opesan and Ikenna Jude Okpala. She has performed in different Theatre festivals featuring in productions like A Slice of Good Things for 2017 British Council's Lagos Theatre Festival directed by Abiodun Kassim produced by Oxzygen Koncepts, Jungle Justice,Magic World also for the fringe part of the festival, Monkey Post, Rescue and Lottery tickets all produced and directed by Joshua Alabi for Kininso Koncepts, True Talk Naija by Ifeoma Fafunwa, A Wake, Grip Am and Morning Yet On Judgement Day produced and directed by Oxzygen Koncepts and OneSix Productions, Fools day directed by Austine Ebere Onuoha for Adeshine Concepts , Niger No Venue and Aburi'67 by Ola Opesan, and many other creative works.
She has modelled for some of the best designer collections in Nigeria and has graced major fashion runways and has effectively managed the front of house of most of Nigeria’s major production. For Angela, the artiste is the voice of the common man and so the artiste and his art must speak for the people.


INSTAGRAM: @angelaeniola
TWITTER: @Angelaeniola14
FACEBOOK: Angela Peters

Angela says "My words for new Stage Actors is *Everything Good Will Come* push on so hard that those who want to discourage you will think twice. Be Passionate, Pray, Persist and Be Patient for 'Everything Good Will Come'. "

#NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black


Oladotun Olagbadebo is a graduate of Lagos State University, B.A in English with a burning passion for the arts. An actor, Voiceover artiste, stage manager, director in training, dancer, certified broadcast journalist and voracious reader, she has worked with veterans such as Toyin Oshinaike, Joke Silva, Bimbo Manuel, Nobert Young, Najite Dede, Toju Ejoh and Zara Udofia Ejoh. She's stage managed musicals such as Magic of The Musical and Midnight Hotel and play productions like Oh How Dearly I Reyes Thee, Wizard of Law to mention a few. She's also lent her voice to radio productions like Smatmedia's Alero Call Center, MTV/SAF's Shuga radio drama series 3, BBC's election awareness program and many more. At present, she works with Oxzygen Koncepts. She hopes to set a blazing trail in the theatre industry.


Twitter: @boevilicious Instagram:@olagbadeboayinke
Oladotun says "Don't let anyone make you believe your dream is too little or too big. After all, it's yours not theirs." #NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors#producers #drama #lifeofanactor #actorsdiary


Ijeoma Akaigwe is from Njikoka in Anambra state. She is an Actor and a dancer. She's been acting since she was in secondary school(SS2) and she's not going to stop anytime soon according to her. She has been part of several theatre productions like HARD CHOICE, AZAGIDI, SHAKA ZULU, LIPSTICK FEVER and others, she has also done a few soaps like TEARS OF LOVE, TALES OF EVE, and a short film(KENE) where she acted alongside Patrick Diabuah. Ijeoma won the Best Actress award at the ARTISTEZONE DRAMA CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2011.

Instagram: @adachi1
Facebook: Akaigwe ijeoma, Email:Akaigwechi@gmail.com.

Ijeoma says "my word for upcoming stage actors is, to be a good actor is not enough,you must want to be a great actor. So keep working on yourself, keep training yourself to be better, become so good that they can't ignore you...BE FOCUSED AND BE DETERMINED TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!😊" #NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors#producers #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary


Onitiri Aishat is an actor, costume/fashion desinger and a dancer. According to her, she fell in love with the art at a very young age and since then its been fulfilling and there's been no regrets whatsoever. Stage acting is very expressive and it as helped build her confidence.
Aishat is a member of Crown Troupe of Africa, she's Played major roles in crown troupe's performances like Kongi's Harvest, No more the wasted beads, Death and the king's horseman. Love at war, The Exception and the Rule. She performed alongside with some artists (British Council Lagos Theatre Festival) 2014, 2015 and 2016. Also performed for the European Capital of Culture Paphos 2017 (Lysistrata).
She's worked with Notable NIGERIAN directors and producers like Segun Adefila, Ben Tomoloju, Toyin Oshinaike, Isioma Williams, Brian Micheal (Germany)... Janwillem Van Dan Bosch (UK). CONTACTS:

PHONE: 07060435433
EMAIL: ibidolaible@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: Aishat Ibidola Onitiri
INSTAGRAM: @ibidolaibile

Aishat says " My advice to the Upcoming Nigerian Stage Actors is to put God first in everything, never relent even when it seem like giving up is the best option and mostly believe in yourself and always use the word "Yes I Can Do It". Consistency is Key!

#NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors#producers #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary


Uzoamaka Onuoha Cynthia is an outgoing finalist of the university of Nigeria Nsukka. Student of the department of theater and film studies. She has featured in a few skits which includes GBEGE, WHEN LOVE HAPPENS to mention a few and she has featured in short films, SPIN inclusive. She's been in the movie ORDINARY FELLOWS featuring wale Ojo, Ken Eric's and other Nigeria's star actors. Cynthia has been an active member of the theater and was nominated for best stage actress in University of Nigeria Nsukka. Cynthia is also a makeup artist both for the stage and beauty makeover. As an entrepreneur, her brand name is Ama_nika#$ignature.
PHONE: 08140209481.
INSTAGRAM: @Ama_nika
FACEBOOK: Uzoamaka onuoha.
TWITTER: @Amycynt
SNAPCHAT: Ama_nika

Cynthia says "My word for upcoming Nigerian stage actors is, Create your focus, focus on your "focus", everything is always not as it seems, and also do not use anyone's life to judge yours"

#NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors#producers #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary


Sandra Samuel Chioma Iroegbu popularly known as (S.S.S), hails from Umueze, Mbaitolu L.G.A, Mbieri-Obazu in Imo State. She hold a B.A in Theatre and Film Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She is an Actor, Singer, Producer and popularly known as a Monologue Queen for her numerous monologues on her social media handles. She was the Thespian Queen 2012. Sandra's love for theatre springed up right from her undergraduate days were she mounted the stage regularly in order to attain her passion.
She has featured along side several actors on stage and on screen, performing in Camwoods on the leaves by Wole Sonyinka directed by Wole Oguntokun and also Tv/film production like Africanmagic Tv series Hustle and the most eager awaiting series True Scarlet directed by Gbenga Salu and ENI by Ashvin Meshan, to name a few . Her acting experience started In 2014 in a docudrama "Slipping through the crack" by Action Health Incorporated and Spin.
She has featured in short films such as Otega which was nominated in Eko film Festival 2016, and "Breaking the silence" along side Nnamdi, which won the competition for mental health awareness by the Africa United 2017. She feels acting is inbuilt.
Istagram @sandrairoegbu
F. B: Samuel Sandra
Email: samuelsandra16@yahoo.com Phone no: 08155955040

Sandra says " to upcoming thespians ,The road is never smooth, trust/rely in God endlessly; for He that maketh talent will make a way and remember, Stars do not struggle to shine. You will definitely get there and shine." #NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors #producers


Jstanley Otulaka Ogemdi is a musician, a song writer , guitarist and an Actor with over ten years working experience. He has Worked with notable directors like Teco Benson, Ifeanyi ikpoenyi, Kingsley Omoefe, Cindy Marcus among others . Jsatanley is from Ezinihitte Mbaise IMO state .


PHONE: 08133027002
INSTAGRAM: @Jstanley_otulaka
FACEBOOK: Jstanley_Otulaka

Jstanley says "For up coming artists, work and pray , for God pays no one but rewards abundantly... Keep your head up high and work work work". #NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors #producers

Tosin Adeyemi is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos. She's an Actor, singer. She was Miss Congeniality, 2nd runner up for the Lagos Carnival Beauty Peageant 2014 and runway model for the Abuja Fashion Week 2015.
She also performed alongside several actors at the British Council Lagos Theatre Festival 2014/2016/2017. been selected as a Beneficiary for The Ford scholarship of the Africa International Film Festival 2016/ 2017.
Her acting credits include productions such as The Audition, Kakadu the musical, Dialling Love, Midnight hotel,Queen of the night amongst others. Directors she's worked with include Hildah Dokubo, Wole Oguntokun, Kenneth Uphopho, Segun Adefila.

NOTE: Check her out and see what she is up to

Twitter: @bamibashe

Tosin says "keep working diligently, you'll shine great and never dim"

#NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary #film #movie #script #industry #music #dancer #theatrearts #performance #performer #Africa #black #directors #producers

William Oluwaseun Adebayo Omobolanle Amatare Edwin-Kentebe hails from Adagbabiri town, Sagbama LGA, Bayelsa state but was born and bred in Lagos and is the 11th child of Late Commodore Edwin Oyinkebibi Kentebe and Mrs. J.O. Kentebe, a businesswoman. A graduate of UNILAG with a degree in Business, Seun’s love for the arts, stemmed from his undergraduate days, has been his motivating factor till date. Work experience spanning over a decade in the industry, he has production credits from stage, radio, small and big screen; his TV debut being a campus sitcom called Twilight Zone. He has also appeared on hit TV shows like Tinsel, Dear Mother, Gidi Culture, My Mom and I, to name a few and he was also the lead actor in the MTN Mobile Money TV advert. Projects include, but not limited to: Oluronbi, Lift Off, Paranoia, Gloves of Passion, Jonzing, King Baabu and Colour Me Man.
An award-winning actor, Seun has worked with notable directors such as Kayode Peters, Bunmi Davies, William Benson, Ihria Enakimio, Gbenga Ajayi, Art Osagie, Najite Dede, Tope Oshin, Kenneth Uphopho, William Ekpo, Israel Ebo, Dapo Kolade, Lekan Balogun, Sola Roberts, Ehizojie Ojesebholo, Samuel Macauley, Tunde Anjorin, Alex Mouth, Felix Okolo, Dammy Gee, Thelma Etigwe-Uwa, Itohan Ott, Shirley Eneobong,Yemi Jolaoso, Imoh Umoren and Cnario Joseph. Producers such as Ikhane Akhigbe, Wole Oguntokun, Bikiya Graham-Douglas, Seun Arowojolu, Ifan Michael, Bolanle Austen-Peters, Carl and Michelle Raccah, James Henshaw, Ibironke Ogunyemi-Ojesebholo, Lydia Idakula Sobogun, Abimbola Olorunmola, to name a few.
To Seun, entertainment is life and anything else is the polar opposite.
NOTE: Check him out and see what he is up to

Facebook: Seun Kentebe
Twitter: Seun Kentebe
Instagram: @SeunKentebe LinkedIn: Seun Kentebe.
Email: shawnkent78@gmail.com.

Seun said "For Upcoming Nigerian thespians: Put God first, don't limit yourself to just acting; always find ways to reinvent and improve on yourself and remember that consistency is magnetic.

#NigerianstageActors #stageaddicts #actor's #stage #theatre #Nigeria #drama #lifeofanactor #actor'sdiary #film #movie #script #industry #music

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